Life of Bradley Martyn

Life of Bradley Martyn
Life of Bradley Martyn

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  • Eric King
    Eric King

    Why would you tell suck at pranks

  • Mane Volent
    Mane Volent

    bro, you need to put some fire beast intro into your videos

  • GamersAlmanac

    Her voice is so annoying

  • slunts77

    Thats zongzilla. Don't do that

  • Pokeseller 44
    Pokeseller 44

    I wanna see Brad and Steve beat the shit out of two other people 🤣

  • slunts77

    This was the only rule bro......

  • Shawn Ruiz
    Shawn Ruiz

    Man she’s a bird 🧠

  • Nicholas Burzo
    Nicholas Burzo

    holy shit put a glove on or somthing freddy cruger

  • Joao Portesantava
    Joao Portesantava

    California has been ruined and will never, ever be the same again. California is so beautiful, so amazing and rich in every way but the left destroyed that state.

  • Nathanael F
    Nathanael F

    How many Bass pro hats did you count

  • WorldOfGigi🌏

    When they start talking about beating the shit out of Stromedy me are used to watch him oh my God he does all these fake clown videos he probably can’t box in general

  • MaskedMageYT

    black chick so annoying

  • Andrew Jack
    Andrew Jack

    Tana put money on fucking shitt

  • Issachaar Zulu
    Issachaar Zulu

    This is the type of women who went to school to study about genders that exist in a spectrum 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Alex Stefan
    Alex Stefan

    Respect on Vitaly tho, he got his has whooped and then paid respect to Bradly. That's what real men do, you accept it than move on. No hard feelings

  • Starla Krone
    Starla Krone

    Omg when Bryce says that the match is a loss for him even though he got like knocked out Bryce hall got knocked out

  • Jose Lopes
    Jose Lopes

    this nigga 69 said they nba champions when the bucks won


    Cameraman is terrible

  • kevindeeley54

    Old men who keep only young women around always make me think predator lol. Hopefully they're his kids or something.

  • aiden thursby
    aiden thursby

    I saw max in there

  • Martin Solorio
    Martin Solorio

    who the girl at 4:18

  • eric pryor
    eric pryor

    He hit his face on that thing

  • Gavin Keogh
    Gavin Keogh

    Mr organik wants to fight you that be good

  • Jared Frye
    Jared Frye

    Why would you think there would be breaks in a push up contest?

  • Skillet Burritos
    Skillet Burritos

    Tekashi's physique though, he'd struggle with a full case of Kirkland water

  • Jay Voodo vanquish da magic man
    Jay Voodo vanquish da magic man

    Bradley selling💯🔥 fat bud 10 out of 10 delivers by the pound LB but you can't trust his weights 🤏💨🥴🇬🇧

  • Daniel Frank
    Daniel Frank

    Watching this video after seeing brad gamble and smoke in Cabo lmao

  • J A
    J A

    Did Brad get his heart broken by one of those gold diggers?

  • Chris Fer
    Chris Fer

    Brads 6ix9imes personal meth dealer

  • Stevenson Pierre
    Stevenson Pierre

    😂🤣 she should have just stayed out of the convo

  • alvin effendy
    alvin effendy

    Thats a party right there


    Steve for the win again. This has taught me that no matter what I have to always keep cool and find an alternative way to overcome any obstacles lmao. Facts

  • Dylan Hough
    Dylan Hough

    All the girls are annoying as hell lmao

  • Mr T.M.G
    Mr T.M.G

    There is a reason why Bryce was the only one talking shit.

  • zixar

    You should have said “I have millions on my bank”, as a comeback to the “I have a masters, what do you have” comment

  • Zafriaab hossain
    Zafriaab hossain

    tayler says gib is horrible *1 year later* gets absolutely destroyed by him(aged fine like wine)

  • Daily Market movers
    Daily Market movers

    All you guy’s making a good 👍 team-work . This is other level in IRglo

  • Kenny Caligula
    Kenny Caligula

    Those catches were pretty impressive

  • Kenny Caligula
    Kenny Caligula

    I can look past the drug dealing and elephant poaching. But the human trafficking is where I draw the line.

  • Palma Firme
    Palma Firme

    It don’t go with Steve trying to be funny that’s not him he’s just straight stupid

  • Tommy Tures
    Tommy Tures

    This is funny 😄

  • Silverio Garcia
    Silverio Garcia

    For a quick sec I thought Canelo was hangin out with you guys 🤣🤣

  • Philip Mccullagh
    Philip Mccullagh

    Bryce hall hits the canvas very hard

  • Randy Candelario
    Randy Candelario

    Was he sitting in brads lap?

  • Randy Candelario
    Randy Candelario

    The beat at 2:30 is nice

  • CoffeeUnit

    imagen 30 years from now when they full send the unclipped videos xD fuckking wild man.. brad might be dead about his drug habits thoo xP

  • Ocea Smith
    Ocea Smith

    Austin is the best for sure don’t be mean to him Bryce us a loser

  • 46Dixey

    your camera man is all over the place, hurts my eyes and brain

  • GS 09
    GS 09

    ZOO cartel is really powerfull

  • Nihal Gopisetti
    Nihal Gopisetti

    Last week Steve bought bradley $60k chain

  • The Fresh Prince CEO ashy feet fund
    The Fresh Prince CEO ashy feet fund

    This is what black men have to deal with just incase yall think we're crazy when we complain about our women.

  • Dean Hardison
    Dean Hardison

    What the hell is in the IV

  • Guido Mista
    Guido Mista

    Bryce before the match: "I have a lot of boxing experience" Bryce after the match: "I don't have any boxing experience yknow man"

  • Chance Holland
    Chance Holland

    Clout chase vibes


    This dude in the blue shirt just moved everyone with one arm bruhhh make him fight

  • Mārtiņš Firsts
    Mārtiņš Firsts

    hey man plas trow up bradly 10 full corona next vidio if he cant he has to donete somewone 5 k

  • Guero Mexicano
    Guero Mexicano

    Why was there a frame skip right before Steve tazed Bradley?

  • Chris Lindmar
    Chris Lindmar

    Definitely good shooting, especially for someone somewhat new to it.

  • Cesar David
    Cesar David

    This is fkd up Brad is a horrible person

  • Damitrious Tucker
    Damitrious Tucker

    On Behalf of Black men everywhere we don't claim her so she belongs to the streets 😂

  • SouthSide

    this is disgusting

  • Samdidthat 1
    Samdidthat 1

    You better not have signed that paper brad

  • Brian Campbell
    Brian Campbell

    You'll forgive her ... The cruel joke of Education....

  • Ben J
    Ben J

    *The Modern woman. You cant live with them and you shouldn't wife them, marry them, or live with them.*

  • Yvng Sosa
    Yvng Sosa

    The Rock comin outta nowhere: SHUT UP BITCH🗣🎤 😭

  • Anonymus X
    Anonymus X

    She went full Black Karen.

  • Saku

    Over that

  • sajiste

    this content is fucked up but funny as hell

  • Nicholas Burzo
    Nicholas Burzo

    i am 100% peanut butter and jealous

  • 👑

    That lady was weird as hell. Who the fawk cares if you got a masters? That doesn’t mean you’re intelligent, it just means you stuck to a goal and finished it. Props to you but your attitude is trash. Also why Brad care if he’s rich? The goal when you get a degree is to get a job but if that degree doesn’t offer you financial security…then who’s really winning here? She interrupted two men building each other up just to virtue signal smh

  • Shawn Ruiz
    Shawn Ruiz

    Man you gotta shake her she bad for business

  • Jordin Stroman
    Jordin Stroman

    Nobody peeped the guy with the hat from 5years back didn’t realize it was BRAD lmao and then it hit him 💀

  • J Davis
    J Davis

    I'm a PhD. Lmao.

  • Hop off me
    Hop off me

    That outrroooo thoughhhhh I fuck w that heavy

  • Glass Steagall
    Glass Steagall

    This is so funny. Because we all know Steve is literally the most giving person in the world.

  • Devion Sims
    Devion Sims

    Wtf is wrong with women like this bro lmaoooo