Life of Bradley Martyn

Life of Bradley Martyn
Life of Bradley Martyn

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  • Not a real life tiger
    Not a real life tiger

    What the salmonella did I just witness

  • Nicholas Meucci
    Nicholas Meucci

    Ask him if he's cool with scamming his fans and gambling with roobets money and not his own. I love you Brad but this dudes a piece of shit

  • Serge K
    Serge K

    The office looks like The fantasy Factory

  • Ryan Close
    Ryan Close

    I still watch this channel even though it’s the same nelk boys or Steve video that I just watched.

  • Sam B
    Sam B

    bradshowing off buying pacsun clothes for that crackhead

  • Yasin Ock
    Yasin Ock

    Stewe %100 scam!!!

  • Lesley Clark
    Lesley Clark

    Cool. So funny .

  • Huy Tran
    Huy Tran

    Huge kitty got the powerful jaws

  • Friction


  • Mike M
    Mike M

    Should have got his to agree to go cold Turkey from drugs, lock him up for 2 weeks to help get it out his system and help coach him to a better life/job/home

  • Logan Marcakis
    Logan Marcakis

    Why was this more entertaining than the last Nelk video

  • tonydacosta413

    What's with the suits

  • dayna shewan
    dayna shewan

    This guy with cracking the backs sucks 😂. Okay that’s 3k for the both 😂😂 wearing buddys merch too

  • tonydacosta413

    They still selll fake stun guns?

  • Mixed pleasure
    Mixed pleasure

    Brian Laundrie is found dead

  • EDG

    If steiny actually took Steve’s Bitcoin, Steve might pull a jinnkid 😳

  • Spermario64

    The Chipotle the ate it is on Victory, I’m Woodland Hills, I know that because I eat there all the time alone on my lunch

  • Kris Ripke
    Kris Ripke

    Bro that’s the “virgin” Nelk brought into their newest video. Hmmm there stuff fake ????

  • Case Farley
    Case Farley

    ayo i paypalled you the money when am i finna get that black tar

  • 9LOCK 270
    9LOCK 270

    nigga got hit and apologized, like a nigga didn't know Bradley don't play... about his drugs

  • Jacob Schwab
    Jacob Schwab

    Brad gonna get his cartel friends to take care of Steve’s assistant after selling a pound of coke to parentless homeless disabled babies

  • Ry M
    Ry M

    another youtuber helping the homeless for views

  • Parker Naumann
    Parker Naumann

    Love how I always have to watch 5 fucking adds to keep watching bradlys videos becuase he’s broke asf

  • Aisan Ryan
    Aisan Ryan

    The whole video was messed up

  • corey waldner
    corey waldner

    You should have squeezed that zit on Steve's forehead. That would have made him pay

  • David D
    David D

    Lucky Logan didn't jump in there and beat both their asses

  • David D
    David D

    Box Vitally

  • Eric S
    Eric S

    So brad just piggy backs Steve and bells videos and just combines them lmao

  • Tom W
    Tom W

    Steve reminds me of a miniature, unathletic, drunker Rob Gronkowski.

  • Ziti with Gino
    Ziti with Gino

    Brads videos are Steve’s videos just moved over 3 feet to the right 😆

  • Scotty T
    Scotty T


  • Scotty T
    Scotty T

    THUMBS UP 😂 plz pick me to win me and my broke ass !!!

  • Gregory Hritz
    Gregory Hritz

    Shits so funnt Steiney got thst "COIN" lol

  • ffaf farggr
    ffaf farggr

    if this happens nate gonna kick his ass

  • Roque Rodriguez
    Roque Rodriguez

    Hey ik you wont see this but I've been goin thru shit some real ass shit and watching you and Stevewilldoit llc. Style!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Lmaoooo, but why is throwing up so funny?😂

  • J4y 62
    J4y 62

    rug sounded high as hell lmao

  • tricktaylor1983

    Id be suprised if the taser was even real

  • tricktaylor1983

    Whats the scratch on brads neck? Are there any missing women in his area? Dudes a sketch ball

  • 2nd Player
    2nd Player

    VITALY came up angry, I wouldn’t be playing around at that point either.

  • Mahkenna Williamson
    Mahkenna Williamson

    Awwww I love this. Fuck that Karen 😂

  • Warden

    Miserable women need no attention

  • Mike

    Bro, your channel is legit.

  • Joshua Dias
    Joshua Dias

    “You ever have a tug?” “Nah” “dam it’s lit” Bradley Martin 2021

  • sly

    What is the name of the outro song damm

  • Jordan Dorion
    Jordan Dorion

    347aiden to intro is the vibe

  • Rosa Cervantes
    Rosa Cervantes

    "Bradley Martin sold me drugs"

  • DLugy -
    DLugy -

    Brad seems like a gay cult leader

  • Joejoe Lopez
    Joejoe Lopez

    Steiny looked spooked

  • julian borrell
    julian borrell

    Lmao I really want to know if stieny stole the Bitcoin or not

  • Tippo16 7
    Tippo16 7

    Brad an Nelk undefeated

  • TTrav

    i love you guys alright :D

  • Dr  Irrespeto
    Dr Irrespeto

    Future video Brad helps someone get help that really wants help to get off the streets that would be dope🐐🔥🤟

  • Silky chicken 2.0
    Silky chicken 2.0

    I need this. My neck, and my whole back is messed up. Everytime I work out my upper back tenses up and makes it hard to breathe. Ontop of that my neck hurts a lot. I need this guy bro

  • CichFish

    Steiny doesn’t deserve to work for nelk

  • gianna bell
    gianna bell

    Pplssss what is the song that plays at like 3:15 I’ve tried everything to find it

    • Ultraly

      Stay true by lars eriksson

  • Angelina Ortiz
    Angelina Ortiz

    ayo. remember when Bryce hall said that he was a fighter and at the end of the fight he said he wasn’t a real Fighter he embarrass himself

  • Koiyuki, of DreamChasersPro
    Koiyuki, of DreamChasersPro

    For those unaware, Homeboy Industries, the people behind that restaurant, is an LA based organization dedicated to rehabilitating prisoners and gangsters fresh out of prison, and giving them the knowledge and means to reintegrate into general society They're the people willing to give them a second chance, and help them lead an honest life

  • Brendon Baut
    Brendon Baut

    Nah bruh he stole that shit

  • Dre

    Bradley a fucking demon fr 💯😆

  • inquizative44

    Had to come to you and subscribe for putting up with someone who is narcissistic, disrespectful and attention starved. Add me on now you have 3 million and one more subscriber.

  • Ronald Pasieka
    Ronald Pasieka

    I’m glad there was a throw up warning. Videos with Steve will do it and nelk never have a warning.

  • bikeridr199

    Love me some Steve this time year!

  • NoahHomer


  • 488Knight

    Is there an actual unedited version of this interaction?

  • Boomer110

    Good video😂😂🤣😂

  • its Slay
    its Slay

    Faze Rug’s new word “actually”

  • Blvk Lotus
    Blvk Lotus

    21:10 brad saying the n word and selling drugs smh