Life of Bradley Martyn

Life of Bradley Martyn
Life of Bradley Martyn

Life Of Bradley Martyn, owner of Zoo culture, RAWGEAR, RAWTALK PODCAST, Trifecta Nutrition to say the least I do a lot! SUBSCRIBEEEEEEEEEE VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY 5:30PM!

  • Mossberg Slim
    Mossberg Slim

    When Bradley finally takes his hat off l, I feel like half his head is missing

    • Mossberg Slim
      Mossberg Slim

      You’re still my favorite drug dealer though Brad

  • the Logan gang
    the Logan gang

    That beard thick homie that looks Hella cool keep getting gain keep getting laid and maybe reconnect with Steve tell him you just want to be his good gym buddy and friend to go out to diner and pools and hiking yall are good buds and can still kick it

  • sebastian santos
    sebastian santos

    1:38:15 is the tipsy bartender guy ?

  • Aislinn Mendez
    Aislinn Mendez

    I wouldn’t want to be part of brads team sadly …in stevewilldoit team everybody eats 🤝💯

  • Adin Reyes
    Adin Reyes

    Yo brad tell the nelk boys to post some fvckin videos .

  • Pablo Perez
    Pablo Perez


  • Organic Videos
    Organic Videos

    I’ll do it I’m not a Bitch 😂 you the best Brad

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez

    Happy early birthday 🥳 bro month of the Gemini ♊️

  • pema sherpa
    pema sherpa

    The Baki merch looks so fire 🔥 🔥🔥

  • Texas Worton
    Texas Worton

    He kept saying they went to Thailand together I don't give a s*** if I went to the concession stand with you put your hand on to me I'm f****** you up

  • Serg__

    you’re a freelancer you owe steve more than $15,000 at this point

  • Dipendra Sah
    Dipendra Sah

    Brad is hero.

  • J G
    J G

    How many times you going to do the same shit how un orginal

  • Valter Pimentel real ups
    Valter Pimentel real ups

    Funniest shit ever

  • Geoff Kohoutek
    Geoff Kohoutek

    this is prolly one of the most sus vids ive ever seen

  • Jack Mckenzie
    Jack Mckenzie

    Will my raw gear ever arrive

  • Alex R
    Alex R

    It felt weird seeing so many IRglo in the same place lol

  • michael minneci
    michael minneci

    I never punch any of my "boy's " in the face. Both of them are not really boy's, if they were they wouldn't of laid hands on each other..

  • Eddie Morales
    Eddie Morales

    This fucker click baited us to watch his shit fucked up he owns a gym and podcast and only bought his good friend a used pair of gym shoes

  • Aj4327

    1:36:50 you’re welcome

  • The Franchize
    The Franchize

    I woulda watched it without the clickbait title.

  • The Franchize
    The Franchize

    He wraps his hands way different than anyone I’ve seen. Nothing between the knuckles. He just literally wraps it from bottom to top

  • Kebabbunny

    I hope Bryce goes up against Ksi so ksi can beat his a** up

  • santeria720

    That ultimate warrior shirt is dope