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SNAPCHAT: BRADLEYMARTYN =============================================

  • Life of Bradley Martyn
    Life of Bradley Martyn

    Thanks for watching guys. I know it’s not the normal kind of video I would put on the Channel but definitely a real part of my life. Appreciate the support.

    • Cardboard Cape
      Cardboard Cape

      facts. these lockdowns r so gay..

    • mike

      love the videos have you thought about using masks you could still be open and stay safe

    • Phillynyc

      cover should be by the main street for the main valve.

    • Phillynyc

      HEY! you can go to the street and turn on the main valve to turn on your water it should be underground .. also hire an union guy out of state to turn on the power , but still keep the generator running :) oh i used your gym last week and thanks for being open brad!!!

    • Kavemanttv

      My girlfriend and me live in AZ and the yoga studios and gyms just opened again. I can’t tell you over the last few months how angry and my gfs mental health has been since they have been closed. She’s a recovering addict and needs the gym cuz it helps her state of mind. The dispensary is still open for me but the gyms aren’t open cuz it’s not important??? I call bullshit govt

  • Raul J. Gomez
    Raul J. Gomez

    Come to Texas brotha! We'd love to have you guys!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    fuck yea brad, respect.

  • Christian D'Eri
    Christian D'Eri

    You're 100% correct Brad, good on you for standing up to the corrupt government by keeping your gym open! You're doing what is right 100% and if we the people ALL UNITE AND STAND TOGETHER AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT (THEY WILL BACK DOWN I PROMISE YOU!)

  • 1999Nathan Pina
    1999Nathan Pina

    The 2nd last dude 😂

  • Lawless

    if we can't live life normally over a virus with a 99% recovery rate wtf is the point of humanity!!!!??

  • Kyle Helmke
    Kyle Helmke

    Huge respect for brad

  • Arabella Ashton
    Arabella Ashton

    i agree.. but the no wearing masks?.. idk you can workout with a mask on

  • DeBando

    Damn dude no wonder why covid cases are through the roof in Cali. You can be open, just wear a mask bro.

    • High Pitch Eric Stern
      High Pitch Eric Stern


  • GlizzyBuilds

    I wish I lived in la man fuck Canada keeping gyms closed..

  • gumbie_007

    Brad Brad lay of the coke man lmao

  • Cap Zil
    Cap Zil


  • H Ahmed
    H Ahmed

    why is there drugs on his shoulder at the start

  • Jesus Will Rise
    Jesus Will Rise

    Go Brad!!!!

  • Johnathan Tebbe
    Johnathan Tebbe

    Bradley your not wrong!

  • fglend73

    California is run by a bunch of liberal tyrants. It’s disgusting.,

  • Gage Marshall
    Gage Marshall

    same problem in PA its all a joke

  • crinan dunbar
    crinan dunbar

    Great video. Great message. Keep the gym open

  • Hockey Bro K
    Hockey Bro K

    Makes a great point with the restaurant, that policy always seemed dumb Not sure I 100% agree with staying open but I respect the reasons and if all the members are getting tested and socially distancing when they leave then nbd

  • Eduard Maul
    Eduard Maul


  • B Spam
    B Spam

    Wait why they turn it off?

  • Mason BCreative
    Mason BCreative

    IRglo is legitimately trying to discourage people from watching this video by having a pop up before saying it “may contain inappropriate content do I want to go back” fucking ridiculous. Mad respect to Bradley for fighting the good fight and standing up against tyranny. Mad respect

  • jater 10
    jater 10

    Brad, there is a point you can workout in other places including home. However whats more important is its a personal choice, and if they want to go to Zoo or any other gym that should not be infringed. Us folks who go to gyms understand the risks with lifting heavy and also now dealing with the pandemic. This is something worth fighting for, and you got to link up with other gyms who are being closed.

  • Instagram: RenegadeAesthetics
    Instagram: RenegadeAesthetics

    Mad respect Brad

  • Instagram: RenegadeAesthetics
    Instagram: RenegadeAesthetics

    Facebook the name!

  • Instagram: RenegadeAesthetics
    Instagram: RenegadeAesthetics


  • Instagram: RenegadeAesthetics
    Instagram: RenegadeAesthetics


  • Håkon Scheie
    Håkon Scheie

    In norway they closed down the gyms and it destroyed me both physically and mentally... I got low key back my heart issues and all that shitty stuff with bad mentality and it destroyd me... and they also opened the bars before the gyms but it’s all opened again now but it’s real shit hella important to have the gym and brad is a real g for keeping it open... I love this video btw and have watched it like 4 times just because I love it and love how all the people is so real... just love the video and basically all the videos... keep it up bro

  • Kenneth Baltazar
    Kenneth Baltazar

    Btw virus has 99% recovery rate...

  • Jonathan Hancock
    Jonathan Hancock

    Thanks Bradly for keeping your gym open when I was there last month I was able to ck your gym out. Thanks for going against the government bc you care about your people!

    • jater 10
      jater 10

      The lockdowns are depriving people the right to their gains.

  • Joe Ramirez
    Joe Ramirez

    @life of Bradley Martyn bro, that’s awesome your keeping the gym open! Respect. 💪 I think it’s funny that governmental officials will tout the importance of hygiene I.e washing hands... don’t touch your face... etc etc... dude, that’s smart let’s just turn off the water supply! How does this make any sense! Running water is a pretty important to aspect of prevention in spreading diseases. And oh yeah... prevent the spread of disease causing bacteria and Virion particles! It may be time to rise up and put the gov. Back in their place! They are there to serve the people! That’s why they are called Civil servants. I know this because I was once one!

  • ItzShadowEclipse

    why age restrict?

  • iNt0x XtremelyKingky
    iNt0x XtremelyKingky

    Dam right. Who the hell are you to tell me that my exercising is not essential. Then you close businesses and force them to go bankrupt?? GTFOuta here!!

    • jater 10
      jater 10

      Its a personal choice to go to a gym or not. Thats I think the more important question, as the term essential has been so arbitrarily used and at time abused.

  • Ashton Adams
    Ashton Adams

    Just bought a shirt. Keep fighting the good fight my dude 🤙

  • kevensevenonreverend

    I love this

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones

    Even tho you the biggest drug dealer since Escobar you a real ass dude. Thanks for keeping it 💯. Love the content

  • twizzgames

    You got mad respect from me for this.

  • P L
    P L

    all jokes aside Brad is handsome

  • Richard Cisneros
    Richard Cisneros

    There are some videos I’ve watched of Brad and thought wtf, but I respect his hustle and what he’s doing for people. Hope he keeps doing his thing.✊🏼

    • jater 10
      jater 10

      Its not just about Bradley or gyms, its also about small businesses. You can do exercise anywhere, but its peoples' right to choose to go to a gym if they desire. The whole definition of essential being used is arbitrary.

  • Josh Seymour
    Josh Seymour


  • WB Capital
    WB Capital

    Thank you for shedding some light on this. People lifes are going to be affected forever because of what the government has done to its citizen. Especially these democratic governors who are only doing this to affect the economy so Donald Trump won't be re-elected. Re-elect Donald please. We need to get rid of Nancy Pelosi ASAP and turn the House RED!!

  • Jesse Miller
    Jesse Miller

    I agree 100% I battles drugs for 10 years and the gym saved my life and my son now has a father he can be proud of.

  • Cynthia Gutierrez
    Cynthia Gutierrez

    To all the nurses and doctors who have to see people like this I am so sorry I know your frustrated thank you for all you're doing. Thank you for being at the bed sides when you can and i know this virus makes people die alone and its so heartbreaking. 😣😭

  • Cynthia Gutierrez
    Cynthia Gutierrez

    Its so important to him because he hasn't been affected by covid...consider yourself one of the lucky ones... You can get really creative like take it outside at least...yeah im going crazy in my house but you can't be traveling than coming back to work you need to quarantine first than maybe open for outside workouts.i know my mental health has gotta worse from losing loved ones and seeing my 7 year old and 12 year old sick for over 2 weeks...thats not normal. And me being sick for over a um you sounding so privileged and self entitled suck it up and be a man look what other countries had and have to go through but Americans yeah we free we can't be locked up 🤦🏻‍♀️ and Why are you guys sounding like trump when it comes to yeah nobody sick here come on you guys you already know it's been proven people are asymptomatic and people are spreading the virus even before knowing they have the virus. so you might be fine the morning but not tonight and then realise that man I've had the virus for 7 days and I didn't even know it and during that time I was spreading it. I just feel really sorry for the doctors and the nurses this is so disrespectful to them.

  • Soy Sauce
    Soy Sauce

    Big respect for this.

  • Xzotic Gamerz
    Xzotic Gamerz

    where is your gym located? i would love to come check it out

  • Sam Stein
    Sam Stein


  • Smogz Clan
    Smogz Clan

    This is why u gotta vote trump, Democrats want to control every last part of your life

  • HipsterD Films
    HipsterD Films

    800,000 people die from suicide a year it doesn’t help forcing ppl to stop working out and stay alone that have depression or mental issues. only 200,000 people have died from covd. Suicide is x4 that and it rising

  • dan tsy
    dan tsy

    Spot on

  • dan tsy
    dan tsy

    Shoulder to shoulder riots? Ok Be fit? NO COVID


    Thank God Brad is saving all these drug addicts that he used to sell to.

  • Ricky Cruz
    Ricky Cruz

    It’s not fair, they say it’s not a necessity but then don’t mind opening up bars, beaches, etc. Gym helps me with my stress and anxiety. How are we supposed to keep our school life good if we don’t have something to take our mind off. Many people develop depression and anxiety JUST from school

    • Ricky Cruz
      Ricky Cruz

      And I guarantee you if you put people who suffer from depression anxiety, drug abuse,etc in a gym, they will over come it better than going to a therapist

  • Gang Land
    Gang Land

    Brad a true Hero

  • Gang Land
    Gang Land

    Amen Brad Amen Buddy sorry for your dads passing

  • Jordan Melby Vlogs
    Jordan Melby Vlogs

    AGENDA 21

  • Jordan Melby Vlogs
    Jordan Melby Vlogs

    Governor Newsom is "non essential"

  • Jordan Melby Vlogs
    Jordan Melby Vlogs


  • Soap m8
    Soap m8

    California is so shit

  • Connor Halgrimson
    Connor Halgrimson

    Brad couldn’t agree more! Thanks for being the one that’s fighting this shit!

  • Tiktoks Arelame
    Tiktoks Arelame

    While I'm with you and understand what you're saying 100%. We both know dang well a gym is not essential. Just because it may be an escape or getaway for some people doesn't make it so. There will be people that could say that about anything. If anything the argument I would make is its good for peoples health period. And you're right when you said someone shouldn't get to decide what's essential. But with that same thought in mind people shouldn't have the right to decide whats ok and not a big deal for other peoples health. In any case stay positive and keep doing your thing! Much love bro.

  • Chris Caldarola
    Chris Caldarola

    Good shit man

  • Fluffy Busch
    Fluffy Busch

    That Ukraine dude seemed pretty cool.

  • Matty Savage
    Matty Savage

    True words there Brad. He is right people should be allowed to do as they wish it's breaching humane rights. More people will die as a result of complete lockdown than from the virus itself.

  • Fluffy Busch
    Fluffy Busch

    I love ya Brad you might actually make me want to start working out again

  • Daniel Duarte Jevaux
    Daniel Duarte Jevaux

    truth is they don't fuckin' know anything they are doing.

  • Ian Tobias
    Ian Tobias

    Love the opening words. Couldn't agree more❤💪.

  • Brian Groncki
    Brian Groncki

    Well done Bradley staying open! We need real leadership in California! Newsom, Pelosi, Schiff, and Garcetti need to go!

  • Mad Mike0082
    Mad Mike0082

    You don’t understand how some moron comes to your gym , gets COVID , goes to his job and infects 15 people. Which in turn could kill thousands. You can’t be this dumb man.

  • David Tedesco
    David Tedesco

    I really wanna travel and go lift here so bad.

  • Blaik Lewis
    Blaik Lewis

    don't let it get to you brad, you will always have backup income. A lot of it

  • soroush heidary
    soroush heidary

    Brad you should get a generator! Then you can run the AC and even provide lighting!

  • No Name
    No Name

    Gym life’s matter 💪

  • Braden James
    Braden James

    Totally agree Brad! You need to talk to your fans/followers about the importance of voting. You live in a democratic state. All gyms are open in red states. The people have more power than they’d believe. You want change, you need to vote.

  • Alex A
    Alex A

    Completely agree with you! Here in Texas we are open, gyms included. Enough is enough!

  • Alex A
    Alex A

    Keep it open!!!

  • Phillynyc

    HEY! you can go to the street and turn on the main valve to turn on your water it should be underground .. also hire an union guy out of state to turn on the power , but still keep the generator running :) oh i used your gym last week and thanks for being open brad!!!

  • Lyle Da Goat
    Lyle Da Goat

    Damn like ik brad pushing pounds of black tar.... But him losing his dad at 6 cuz of suicide is rough

  • Master Tater
    Master Tater

    It’s because you live in a communist California, you’re reaping years and years of voting for morons

  • myles who
    myles who

    Thank you sir

  • callum.wr

    I don't know what I would do without the gym

  • Usernameish

    good man.

  • AR Bensalim
    AR Bensalim

    Support from Montreal, support from Humanity, support from our hearts, thank you for considering our mental health

  • Anbu Kirito
    Anbu Kirito

    i get what you're saying, but my grandma used to love going to the grocery stores and walk around and look at everything and search for sales, and that is her outlet for her mental health, but now isnt completely different.. but thats okay because the whole reason everytthing shut down is because we dont want to kill each other and we want to flatten the curve. but America has dont by far the worse job at containment . im so happy im in canada. cause yalls "president" is a fucking idiot i think with this pandemic , people should exercise at home or go for runs or chin ups at the local park... obviously depends on how your state is doing, but if you're in a major hot spot, then maybe a gym isn't the safest spot... but if you are aloud to eat inside a restaurant, then you should be able to work out.... where i'm from its only take out for food places. and grocery stores have arrows to direct you and masks are a must.... "if your sick then you wouldn't show up" is the dumbest THING yall said.. you're able to have it and not have any symptoms & be able to give it to others. you should be able to exercise without a gym ... and come on brad.. if you're gonna go against rules , you should at least make them were masks. it will actually benefit they're work out

  • Mat Evangelista
    Mat Evangelista

    Why not make an outdoor gym

  • bowen hildebrand
    bowen hildebrand

    we all know brad had some booger sugar before the vlog just look at his left shoulder

  • cristian baeza
    cristian baeza

    Facts Bradley

  • EkamBugz

    Don’t worry Man U still got the cartel boomin

  • Jacob Mcdonald
    Jacob Mcdonald

    All I got to say is trump 2020 unless u want the dems to keep doing this shit cause trump would open the country up COVID numbers are fake af

  • A Person
    A Person

    Alot of people say to workout outdoors, sorry not possible. Also I dont really care if I can pass it on to someone higher risk, what about my mental health and tbh this is a cold world I dont really care about anyone else. This virus is never going away so why try to stop it. Gyms are essential and not a perfect enviroment to spread it.

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones

    Welcome the idiocracy of California.....thank you democratic party....the party of bad idea socialism 😠

  • chris casillas
    chris casillas


  • Saika

    Keep openin brad

  • Mitchell Shaw
    Mitchell Shaw


  • LuckyForReaL

    Yo how much d you pay your actors holy, they make the fake weights look some what but not really real.

  • Ammo Van Raven
    Ammo Van Raven

    So ppl don't get sick and die meat head

  • sudzy mcballs
    sudzy mcballs

    glad you didn't do any content with 69! i unsubbed from NELK

  • Joe Paul
    Joe Paul

    Stop voting Democrat guys!!!!!!!! It’s literally that simple

  • Joe Paul
    Joe Paul

    That’s what happens in Liberal California, you have to vote Trump bro and you have to vote out your Blue State man. Democrats want to control you and all of you

  • One Within The All
    One Within The All

    This video should be trending! Many people should see this rather than watching the mainstream news that continues distracting with "Corona"