These Faze guy's can keep challenging me to these competitions, but the real challenge will be to see if they will come to ZOO Culture and let me put them through a workout....Like if you want to see any of the Faze guy's come workout and comment who!!
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  • Mike Herron
    Mike Herron

    Rice gum is soooo LAME!

  • Jared Hubbard
    Jared Hubbard

    Man your such a nice guy! Keep making the vids and growing your fitness empire!!!

  • Leonard Virtue
    Leonard Virtue

    Nice.😆 Ezyyyyyyyy

  • Don Joe
    Don Joe

    fake weights get you no where in life except loosing to a stick with arms and legs

  • Doug Gasparutti
    Doug Gasparutti

    Rumor has it, Bradly "El Chapo" Martin is running the Sinaloa cartel now while Escobar is away.

  • Vasile Pop
    Vasile Pop

    i really like the ending vlog song can any link me the song

  • Ryan Wingfield
    Ryan Wingfield

    Thank you so much for the black tar brad! That stuff was strong! Almost od on it!

  • jordan gervais
    jordan gervais

    thanks so much for the xanax bars and black tar heroin

  • Ashton Pales
    Ashton Pales

    Brad uses steroids?

  • KaTazTrophY

    brad has the best druuuuuugggssss

  • Chase Klusendorf
    Chase Klusendorf


  • Nick Aylmer
    Nick Aylmer

    rice gum is so gd annoying

  • Ivan

    They touched hands ;-;

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez

    I hope everyone in that vid as well as everyone reading this keeps winning and never stop winning be safe 🤟💰🖤

  • flipnotrab

    Legend has it, there was HUGE drug shortages after this was shot. Bradley Cartel punishing the people of the Southwest for upping him.

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life

    Thanks for the coke brad




    Those punching thing are be

  • Keyhan

    *BradLo Escabor*

  • Supra Saiyan
    Supra Saiyan

    Is no1 going to talk about that punching game?

  • Lucian Chambers
    Lucian Chambers

    he click bait us

  • tomas krzykwa
    tomas krzykwa

    Them fake weights are showing Brad .......

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious

    That punching machine was broken face rug got 900 bullshit my 7 foot 398 pounds dad could only get 999 sometimes and He has cracked a small rock with his fist a rock my dude. all other guys there like 6’4 and 6’3 and could only get like around 800 but Maybe its different for country to country. Cause none off these guys like fake rug or Ricegum could barley knockout a kid my dude. And also ppl like shaq could only get 500 and anthony joshua could only get 800 and conor MCgregor could get 932. And some other boxing legends could also only get around 900 to 800.


    Crazy show

  • Moist Bunss AMW
    Moist Bunss AMW

    It’s because Bradley doesn’t know how to throw a punch lol

  • Tony Delahoya
    Tony Delahoya

    Outro Song Brad?

  • itsme jitesh
    itsme jitesh

    Marko the best

  • RickJamesGamesTV

    ayeeee belmont park! Mission Beach!

  • Michael Green
    Michael Green

    Bradley was to high he forgot to unlock his door 💯🤙🏻 #Bradley_OGKush

  • MrPakkmann

    Brad's got some big IRglo friends!!! The man💯😎

  • Callum Montgomery
    Callum Montgomery

    marko just chillin

  • Taha YT614
    Taha YT614

    What up small man lol

  • Demi 2k
    Demi 2k

    The funny thing is if they both actually took each others punches the dude facing brad would not be ok

  • Austin p
    Austin p


  • Mr. Juan
    Mr. Juan

    brad sold me fentanyl

  • JIA

    face doesn't look the same as 8 months ago... smh

  • JIA

    stop the drugs brad.... could tell they're affecting you

  • JIA

    weak asf

  • Simefps

    You owe me 45 grams of speed You bastard

  • Salvador Cruz
    Salvador Cruz

    Wassup with these vids the nelk ones are better

  • David AKA:Teddy
    David AKA:Teddy

    Upload or I’ll stop buying from you brad!

  • xpovi

    Isn’t this the guy that sells drugs to kids?

  • Eggs Benidict
    Eggs Benidict

    i haven’t found a single comment not talking about bradley and selling drugs that joke is old asf now

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia

    Bro the meth you put me on is some fire shit got me on a sick one at 3am

  • Adrian Lemus
    Adrian Lemus

    Lil dicky can punch hard af

  • Davey Wavey
    Davey Wavey

    Brad sold me percs on Figueroa no cap

  • Ilya Vidyaev
    Ilya Vidyaev

    All of the guys at the end marching towards Bradley for more of his product 🤯🤣

  • Biggs

    Bradley those fucking ice shards you sold me have me tweaked to the max hit up bradly for that pure meth

  • Disciple Dude
    Disciple Dude

    Thanks Bradley Martin for the booger sugar 👍

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    whoever is editing these is doing a hell of a job!!!

  • Jaxon

    All those drugs making him stronger lmao😂

  • ReddHottRonn

    Brad was punching that so hard it wasn’t even registering his hit, the whole fucking thing was wobbling

  • Ben Christoff
    Ben Christoff

    Let’s be honest the strongest youtubers are Brian Shaw and halfthor

  • Hi Romeo
    Hi Romeo


  • WetMelon

    I heard brad sells hella cocain ;)

  • Ozzyp150

    You still need to get Steve back from tasing you

  • Shay Wyatt
    Shay Wyatt


  • R. Kixmer
    R. Kixmer

    Brad high af at the end of the video xDDD

  • Joaquin G
    Joaquin G

    Brad doesn’t know got to punch if he did the power behind his punch would increase by so much

  • Joaquin G
    Joaquin G

    Bradley is so heavy ofc he lost the holding on to the bar challenge and I get shit for not being able to do as many pull ups as the skinny dude 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Benor Winer
    Benor Winer

    Thanks for the meth last night Brad. I’m defiantly going to recommend you to all my drug loving friends. I think you and I can both be meth buddies🙌🙌🙌

  • Yessirr Skiii
    Yessirr Skiii

    This sum good shit Brad, dope video


    Damn Belmont looks dead


    Brad, you need to stop selling drugs to steve and force him to drink #savesteve

  • Josh Atencio
    Josh Atencio

    Those guys are annoying af, why you keep hanging out w them?

  • Heriberto Diaz Mata
    Heriberto Diaz Mata

    He’s quite bad on camera

  • Ayden butlxrr-_-
    Ayden butlxrr-_-

    everyone gonna ignore the fact brad is accepted by everyone cause they’re scared of him drugging them or just to get some good deals on the black tar heroin

  • Adam Natividad
    Adam Natividad

    Funk bros fell of 4 years ago

  • Lionel Aguilar
    Lionel Aguilar

    Bard got them fake muscles huh @stevewilldoit

  • Akshay k
    Akshay k

    That puching machine was rigged

  • Hal Byrne
    Hal Byrne

    Camera man is WACK

  • Maddox Graham
    Maddox Graham

    Alcoholic Brad

  • shxmp yt
    shxmp yt

    Brad had to hurry outta there because his clients were chasing after him at the end over missed payments

  • Insomnia

    my boy marko our hereeeeeeee

  • Vibe BM
    Vibe BM

    Funk bro’s carry lmao

  • konner murphy
    konner murphy

    id love to get a training session in from Brad

  • The last Grape
    The last Grape

    Chances are one of them has covid Lol

  • Free Fire Killa
    Free Fire Killa


  • xNYRmike

    6:13 Look at all those kids trying to get more black tar heroin off of Brad... What an absolutely disgusting role model #DefundTheBrad

  • Louis Garcia
    Louis Garcia

    Weak ass Sticks 😂

  • Julian Dodson
    Julian Dodson

    Bradley needs to learn how to put all of his energy into his punch

  • Jorge Diaz
    Jorge Diaz

    Anyone know where this is ? Thanks in advance rekoof

  • Sean Sugrue
    Sean Sugrue

    Very evident that he is using fake weights

  • Monke Oprah
    Monke Oprah

    That punch machine was sensitive no way rug gets 900

  • Juan Passive Menis
    Juan Passive Menis

    What’s up with all them fakes weights?

  • LaCosa x
    LaCosa x


  • Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee

    GET BRAD TO 1 mil!!!!!!!!

  • Mad Panek
    Mad Panek

    Why is ricegum in your video

  • Shannon Litteral
    Shannon Litteral

    Disliked just cause he had rice gum in the title

  • Kevin From Walmart
    Kevin From Walmart

    How are they not wearing Masks in CA

  • Gone

    U notice faze rug is the only one obnoxiously yelling at the end I swear he’s just like a fucking 7 year old man

  • Soda FN1
    Soda FN1


  • SG1 Dr. Jackson SG1 Dr. Jackson
    SG1 Dr. Jackson SG1 Dr. Jackson

    Brad where did you get your implants from. They are looking sick as ever

  • Aaron Underhill
    Aaron Underhill

    Nice to see your ears not tucked under your hat lol

  • Jay Arts Official
    Jay Arts Official

    Bradley, great inspiration . top African fan.

  • kramerman96

    he dont care about promos, we dont even to see who wins the hanging one.

  • Kristopher Martinez
    Kristopher Martinez

    That would be awesome if Bradley had a vlog channel.

  • ZiggiesAquatic Exotics
    ZiggiesAquatic Exotics

    Raze fug likes boys right ? He’s sounds like a one a dem homa sexicles

  • Mason Balach
    Mason Balach

    run ur next contest vs brian shaw

  • Adam Wright
    Adam Wright

    I love it when u clab with other IRglors