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  • Thom smith
    Thom smith

    Music proves it’s fake

  • No Name
    No Name

    Tbh this kinda true Steve was way better with him but then stayed over passing drinks n cigs n gambling

  • Biggieboss power
    Biggieboss power

    Steve was like a Brother to me like a Son AH SMALL SON XDD hahah he disses him secretly a small Son wtf ^^

  • The VIK Vids
    The VIK Vids

    Brad has been caught in 4k with fake weight that is the real reason he won't film with steve

  • Seth Borneman
    Seth Borneman

    Wait soo???

  • Richard Ryan
    Richard Ryan

    Brad saying Steve's gambling is his fault is nonsense... Steve can gamble my house away on Roobet on a livestream in an hour and just take a shot to forget his loss. I sit for weeks and think about the money I spent on booze could've made me rich by now

    • angelz galaxy
      angelz galaxy

      good point but they are still friends this was a prank

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying

    I can’t deal with this guy he gives them the drugs and then judges them ??? Wtf

  • Ciara Clarke
    Ciara Clarke

    Just be there Bradley if he calls It up to HIM now He has to want to be better

  • mike monks
    mike monks

    Only just started watching your videos and I like you a lot 👍

  • Llewellyn Green
    Llewellyn Green

    Steve, probably won't last another year. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Bird Person
    Bird Person

    Bradley being a hypocrite, Steve wouldn't have so many problems if you didn't sell him drugs

  • Franky Valley
    Franky Valley

    Brad is just trying to get a DM from Demi Lovato, so he can smash her like a tent peg.


    It’s hard to believe someone that sold heroin to kids.

  • BranStevens 83
    BranStevens 83

    I love Steve's videos but being sober now and living that exact same life as stevefor years which progressively got deeper and darker into addiction hes on a self destructive speeding train. The man is obviously an alcoholic, which may not feel it but alcohol is the addiction who's withdrawal can kill you, not heroin. not, coke etc. Alcohol. Then you throw in gambling, so you're drunk while you're gambling ya you might get lucky but theres a reason bookies hang out in bars, and drinks are free at casinos while you're playing. Hate to see, and say it but steve is the JackAss crew of my generation...even crazier he shares the name...Stevo, huge addiction issues hes together now (I think/,pray) but same thing the funny guy, hey no one else will do this Steve/Stevo will. I dont meen to be a downer but you do seem to be a good hearted guy and you're young! Anyone can change if they want...and please dont take this wrong Ibdont know you, never met you, and probably never will. But I'm in my early 30s and have been to more viewings and funerals than my parents because of addiction. Just easter weekend another brother passed. If you need help zi know you have the resources , hell DM me from a burner account I'll do my best to help you and put you in touch with people I know out there. Until then, nothing but the best, prayers to you and yours I hope you keep making me laugh for years to come.

  • Beatz By Animal
    Beatz By Animal

    Y’all’s acting skills are getting better and better

    • Richard Ryan
      Richard Ryan

      @Lane Webb he used to be serious but they still make videos together

    • Richard Ryan
      Richard Ryan

      took brad a little while to start to get the sarcasm and dish it back but this shows that physical strength doesn't mean shit against your mental. The sarcasm used to go right over his head. But brad has evolved and fought back... kinda

    • Lane Webb
      Lane Webb

      He's not acting he is serious

  • daxwax03

    Steve looks like barney rubble!

  • Your Barber
    Your Barber

    Like a small son. 💀

  • neek001 *-*
    neek001 *-*

    It's always tuff when your best customer dissappears

  • Luus _
    Luus _

    Is this shit real

  • J

    still disgusting you let him make FAKE ALLEGATIONS on something that is very serious. You can go on saying its all a joke and its all made up and yet i still dont find anything to laugh about. Not only do mainly men get falsely accused but they also pay the price while theres actual sickos out there who actually deserve it

  • JJ Saint
    JJ Saint

    Please Bradley make more content with Stevewilldoit! Your probably the only true friend that cares about Steve and his health. im a big fan when you both guys make videos together! Nelk boys could care less about Steve

    • Luis Anaya
      Luis Anaya

      true and also i feel like the nelk boys need steve more than steve needs them tbh

  • Gåmëë Øvëërr
    Gåmëë Øvëërr


  • Terry Del Rio
    Terry Del Rio

    Fucking lame!

  • David Topoleski
    David Topoleski

    Addiction is no joke and it gets the best of us! And the only way to fix it is for him go want to fix it himself! I'll keep him in my prayers!

  • Ray Carrillo
    Ray Carrillo

    i thought steve was just playing a character

  • Tyler

    The one thing annoying about brad and Steve is all the arguments are scripted. Anybody with common sense and sat down and watched one of Steve and brads videos entirely can tell that its all pre planned. But they need to keep putting out funny content to get views cause that's what prays the bills. Money makes the world go round

  • jared mac
    jared mac

    Is this legit ? I can’t tell lol.

  • Malibus Most Wanted
    Malibus Most Wanted

    This song is even sadder tribute to Steve and Bradley then it was for Paul Walker..😪😭😭😭😢😢 yep I am officially crying but not like a little bitch but more like a sad little boy who lost his puppy..💯💯

  • Nathaniel Ward
    Nathaniel Ward

    Yo it's okay bro ik you didn't do it ik he didn't infact steve said he made most of it up

  • Michael Stellar
    Michael Stellar

    Get it together, they toy with you for comedy. I know you are not that smart Brad and down to earth, but come on! Steve does have the swollen red nose meaning he is a full fledged alcoholic. The kind where you get sick if you don’t drink. I seen my brother piss away his football career over liquor. Bad things to come for Steve, Brad,,,you have no fuckin clout yo!

  • Hamy Badruddoza
    Hamy Badruddoza

    Steve is aight. We need dom back.

  • Brian Keith
    Brian Keith

    Another billshit video.

  • Pinkly Fingerer
    Pinkly Fingerer

    Oh yea. Steve is that dude who downs 5th of jack like it’s nothing for a living. I had forgot about that drunk

  • Koin Gold
    Koin Gold

    Couple weeks later drops losing 50k w/ Steve 😭😂

  • Shu Shane
    Shu Shane

    The GUICE cause the hair loss , the black tar heroine is why Steve left brad

  • Paul Bruno
    Paul Bruno

    Steve really just needs to stop using meth and he will be fine

  • Count dooku
    Count dooku


  • Chase Boen
    Chase Boen

    SOOOOO glad you got that kid away from you. You only see the best in people Brad. You are a true leader, roll model and an inspiration. That kid never took anything seriously.

  • Andrew Wharton
    Andrew Wharton

    Bradley doin the right thing once the funy ran out, commendable but holdin onto that holmby hills attitude, big respect. Need more sober heroes


    Says he loves him but his problems are to personal for me? You gotta be there

  • luke stevens
    luke stevens

    Yeah looks like its all a prank from brad and nelk

  • Jacob Schachte
    Jacob Schachte

    Two sides. 1. He’s a rich ass dude from it and looks like he’d live till at least 70s😭🤷‍♂️. 2. Don’t leave him at his hardest moments. That’s when friends are needed most

  • mrleenagle

    In one year Steve looks 10 years older, however this is clearly a business ploy. You're a good man Bradley. Anyone who calls you a friend is blessed...

  • Bradley Buller
    Bradley Buller

    Quit the fake beef lol

  • Corey Callahan
    Corey Callahan

    He’s tryna be funny bro and also can y’all not talk deep y’all jug filming buddy’s like so your a shit friend or y’all just wasn’t never close fr ?

  • dubbela heerlenaar
    dubbela heerlenaar

    Its al funny.. drinking smoking doing stupid shit HA-HA... NO its not funny anymore.... its NOT for video's anymore.. steve is doing it on and off camera he drinks all day everyday... you see his face is different now from all the drinking..

  • JoeA67

    What boxing match Steve would get crushed in 2 seconds.

  • Adam Saenz
    Adam Saenz

    I feel like this is a troll

  • bobby Ghazi
    bobby Ghazi

    If this isn’t a set up or click bait bs. I feel you because my sister was a heroin addict and I had to deal with it. With the first time I met her she almost died in front of me 😔. I am a nicotine addict and I smoke weed now. My sister was same way she started with nicotine and then weed then heroine. I’m probably going down the same route 😔.

  • Tarren Moore
    Tarren Moore

    Brad always so negative man head up you'll get through this😄



  • Craig Lopez
    Craig Lopez

    Lol the fuckin slow piano music

  • Jonathan Diaz
    Jonathan Diaz

    F u Brad for this fake crap, lost a fan

  • daniel palacios
    daniel palacios

    Why dont film with your big brother Dom anymore?

  • Ben martin
    Ben martin

    Like this for brad to drop the fake weights

  • OG K
    OG K

    He let them move in cause he wanted the publicity & make money! Fraud!!

  • Brandon Poindexter
    Brandon Poindexter

    What is he talking about? Steve looks fine fine from what is have seen. In both of their current form Steve looks physically superior to Bradley and personality wise he seems to be just fine. I think Bradley just needs some estrogen blocker!

  • XCD01X

    steve was like a smaller small son to him ✊😳

  • Albert Jason Alburo
    Albert Jason Alburo

    Steve is really addicted to drugs.

  • Maestro Nicks Teacher News-and-News News
    Maestro Nicks Teacher News-and-News News

    I don't know much about these guys, but it seems staged? Yea or Nah?

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson

    Month later you're still making videos with that loser!

  • Logan Parrish
    Logan Parrish

    Y’all clearly don’t know nelks humor

  • Kasey Yap
    Kasey Yap

    yeah when steve said "ive never smoked crack until i started hanging with brad" in his video that was it for me lmfaooooo

  • runeplate123

    Who cares.....

  • FactsOnly

    Steve has been partying since day 1. Nelk just hopped onto it when Steve came along. They saw the views poppin and decided to add it to the video schedule. Nothing wrong with what they are doing, they just need to work out so they don’t get super unhealthy. As for the gambling, that shit is a little fucked ngl. Steve for real throws his cash down the drain. But such is life and you can’t make the decisions for him

  • pdx bassin
    pdx bassin


  • George Hennon
    George Hennon

    What kind of weird porn is steve addicted to? lmao

  • bikini abs
    bikini abs

    that sucks man

  • jay

    The sad thing is it’s all a joke but Steve needs help like he does hella drugs and needs to chill

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones

    I see Brad liking every female influencer pics on Instagram 😂😂

  • Zachary

    He never looked at the camera he for sure is lying for a big thing coming up but hes right tho i dont watch Nelk anymore its just partys after party’s with the dude fucking these fat girls ahaha but its not good anymore pranks were the fucking shit and i feel like they sorta destroyed the thing that got them famous, now its just booze drugs girls and partying:/

  • Alexandre Marques
    Alexandre Marques

    Love these 2

  • Kryptic Gamer
    Kryptic Gamer

    The tables has turned 🤣

  • Alex Olson
    Alex Olson

    Although this may be a settup for a later video. EVERYTHING brad is saying is legit fact. and also seems somewhat genuine.

  • Patrick Rowan
    Patrick Rowan


  • Imyour Dad
    Imyour Dad

    Fake weights

  • Klyde Johnson
    Klyde Johnson

    He is in his video from Kirk two days ago😂😂got 20k in cigs😂😂

  • Alex

    You look like an absolute joke with earnings haha a bald man trying to take attention of you're non existent hair haha

  • Nikhil Patil
    Nikhil Patil

    Advanced sarcasm maxxx

  • Joey Jacknife
    Joey Jacknife

    Larry Wheeels went almost broke from porn and admitted it😂😂 could be hinting about that 😂😂

  • Stephan Jacobs
    Stephan Jacobs

    NELK followers dumb enough to think this is a joke

  • Layups 3120
    Layups 3120

    Come on 1 million i remember wen he was justbstarting this channel ggs

  • Zuber Stone
    Zuber Stone

    Now I believe best friendship can turn to hate.

  • Francisco Barragan
    Francisco Barragan

    Where is it gym at in la

  • yaranka23

    But if it is true what he is saying how comes you flirt with your best friend’s sister

  • Tommy Harrison
    Tommy Harrison

    You never Break a Bong Kid......

  • jgil

    This acting is on par with a good porn

  • Fmey XBL
    Fmey XBL

    This guy has me laughing he just can’t act or lie for shit 😂😂

  • Hunter dabber
    Hunter dabber


  • Hunter dabber
    Hunter dabber

    Sry for your loss man. You guys seem close. steven has joined the darkside

    • The Two Fingered Brute 2020
      The Two Fingered Brute 2020

      It's fake as shit

  • vincy745

    Clout chasing Olympics

  • Tim Bauer
    Tim Bauer

    Now you filmed with him

  • max sebion
    max sebion

    Yeah I can’t tell if this is a joke or not

  • Luis Viruel
    Luis Viruel

    Where the drugs at Bradley

  • walmars3curity

    Oh and I forgot to mention don’t try for an acting career. Move to the Midwest and work at a trailer factory where you belong

  • Logan Oneal
    Logan Oneal

    A gym bro story line lmao

  • Shaun Prinsloo
    Shaun Prinsloo

    Brad's a simp for cloud

  • EdVentures

    Lmao he’s joking but at the same time these are all facts

  • Marick Baronet
    Marick Baronet

    Killed this joke now - it’s dead they needa move on