Faze Rug puts Brad, George, and Tanner through a strength contest at Faze Rug's new house!!!
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  • Shpooky O
    Shpooky O

    Bautista bomb😂

  • Ezra Cauler
    Ezra Cauler

    Brad falling on the scooter 🤣🤣

  • Nate thebodybuilder
    Nate thebodybuilder

    The dude in the white shirts on coke whith the beany

  • Weston Outdoors
    Weston Outdoors

    My dad does 400 pushups a day

  • Aus Grows
    Aus Grows

    How the friggin hell is that kid able to afford a house like that

  • Joseph Ragosta
    Joseph Ragosta

    I mean that punching machine is not accurate to a large extent but it is factual you can be a huge guy and not be able to throw a punch

  • Ken Purackel
    Ken Purackel


  • j dogg
    j dogg

    Brad would be a very good pro wrestler

  • Andrew Carzoli
    Andrew Carzoli

    He could’ve done better

  • AJ Martin
    AJ Martin

    I'd say do this with Steve but he'd just spark a cigarette mid challenge flick it on your face tase you n run away for the rest of the video

  • Jacob Bardroff
    Jacob Bardroff

    Faze rug is family friendly why did he say shit

  • Jacob Bardroff
    Jacob Bardroff

    Rug cursed

  • free america
    free america

    Big guys have no stamina because we always just got done lifting somewhere 💪💪. How u gonna do a random pushup contest the day after upper body ? How u gonna do some sort of run or leg comp the day after legs?

  • vapor

    George: I’m not even gonna look! Also George: Looks. 👀

  • Borkata

    I don't believe they did 14 30 mins on the wall sit....

  • Thomas1x

    its crazy how fast and easily brad can grab 140lb and toss it around edit- 3:52

  • Benjamin Butcher
    Benjamin Butcher

    Elbows on the knees brad. figure it out

  • Benjamin Butcher
    Benjamin Butcher

    Bruh Vitaly would level him 😂

  • lucky gucciano
    lucky gucciano

    lol i like this guy he’s like a big baby. hanging out with lil kids n shit ahhah

  • K A R T U N E
    K A R T U N E

    Rug is definitely money laundering ain't no way you buy that from playing video games.

  • Exotic rezz
    Exotic rezz

    No one was doing the wall sits correctly

  • PandasterPlayzz


  • SunFire Gaming
    SunFire Gaming

    Bradley still threw the better punch

  • SunFire Gaming
    SunFire Gaming

    Just clicked on the video. Looking forward to see Tanner flying.

  • Andy Bruce
    Andy Bruce

    Please don't put me in the pool!

  • Adam Glory
    Adam Glory

    🤣 That punch machine is bullshit, if Brad punched any of these kids straight in the face they wouldn’t have teeth anymore.

  • K B
    K B

    Trying to make new friends that are like 15 slash 20 years younger 👍🏼

  • blood raven
    blood raven

    the hobbits vs shrek

  • bob marley
    bob marley

    Imagine just casually having a hernia 😂

  • ThatBlueVette

    3:10 ahahahaha

  • C Dubb
    C Dubb

    Name a more danymic duo.

  • fearsome vloggers
    fearsome vloggers

    Everyone can get famous nowadays, shits cheap asf


    You look like Baker Mayfield

  • goat

    1:53 uncultured swines don't know the pink floyd reference

  • J Hollywood
    J Hollywood

    Bradley how much drugs did you sell to rug and tanner be honest and what did they buy ????? Lol

  • Tony Romello
    Tony Romello

    its the year 2020, phones are waterproof lol

  • Mrlopkeson

    Are you in rehab?

  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez

    Did brad really get aggressive with Steve’s sis?? 🤨

  • Krimsic

    Id kick Brads ass. Im 6'5 185 pounds. Hes 6'3 250. Pshhhhh ezzzzz

  • Hamad

    tanner would beat the shit outa bradley but he was letting him win

  • WsgCrypto

    I did a wall sit for 30 minutes at school for calling the teacher “ a piece of s***”


    I used to do 50 push-ups every day

  • James Bell
    James Bell

    So near 1 million subs. Time to get Steve

  • Lucky Laki
    Lucky Laki

    Yo bro yore close to 1 ml with are you gonna do to you know who

  • tim behohdoppelzet
    tim behohdoppelzet

    Methley Martyn

  • Poo Too
    Poo Too

    2:34 Brad's been hanging with steve too much 😂

  • J. Mtz
    J. Mtz

    Bradley lowkey be bullying everyone with his muscles 😂😂

  • Jonathan Ren
    Jonathan Ren

    Brad lowkey looks like the jacked version of tysonfury

  • Alex Ple
    Alex Ple

    When your supplements will be available again ? Just discovered you and I was so hype to try it but can't find it anywhere

  • Boby Lee
    Boby Lee

    I haven't seen nelk boys lately unsubscribed

  • Shaun Diz
    Shaun Diz

    i knew i should've stuck with gaming when i was 13 and faze was just starting. back in like halo 2 days. that house could've been mine

  • Ethan LiL ET
    Ethan LiL ET

    Lets gooooooooo

  • Ben

    Fake weights

  • Matt Casey
    Matt Casey

    #bring back Nelk and Steve will do it

  • True Gamer
    True Gamer

    be honest guys, Bradley is a fun dude to be around 😂

  • flatline7310

    3:13 rofl

  • flatline7310

    Your star light ceiling needs a new power supply.

  • jocelyn boone
    jocelyn boone

    Yo did my dude fall into the poll at the end or whar

  • Chug Alert
    Chug Alert

    Brad and Nelk finished for good?

    • anna cronin
      anna cronin

      Yes after the famous shoot out in Mexico for the Crack

  • slim pickinsworld
    slim pickinsworld

    Hey bro why are your subs never going up? You Tube is doing you wrong man WTF you should be over 1 Million something weird is going on? anyway Peace 2021.

  • Jeff Crisafulli
    Jeff Crisafulli

    If they wanna be stronger.

  • Jeff Crisafulli
    Jeff Crisafulli

    Feed em.

  • PotSmoker

    You ain’t shit without Nelk

  • hans franz
    hans franz

    do some videos with steve again

  • shmokeApack

    30k more the revenge on stevey bettter be good

  • N Puleo
    N Puleo

    Who else is fucking siked for what Brad is going to do to Steve when he hits 1 mil. Only OG's remember when Steve tazed Brad after hitting 500K. It's going to be crazy, and viral.

  • Alexis Zapai
    Alexis Zapai

    The best video ever 😝🔥👑🔥💪🏻😎✌🏻😂

  • Lachlan Bacanto
    Lachlan Bacanto

    Tanner fox a millionaire at only the age of 12 simply amazing

  • Steezy James
    Steezy James

    what happened with you and nelk bradley?

    • Will

      Nelk at Canada

  • Caleb MacDonald
    Caleb MacDonald

    Really great to see Brad doing well out of rehab!

  • bert

    Guys i really need your help, i was sleeping last night then bradley woke me up and inject something on me and he keeps selling me drugs, guys im 13

  • Yuvraj Toor
    Yuvraj Toor

    We know damn well they can’t do fuckin 3min planks and 3min wall sits 😂

  • Lupe Rodriguez
    Lupe Rodriguez


  • Tyro Cyr
    Tyro Cyr

    Good Ol Bradley



  • Derek Nycum
    Derek Nycum

    The g wagon was obviously not in Nuetral

  • Austin Mueller martial artist
    Austin Mueller martial artist

    Learn some striking for once. It’s not all wrestling.

  • Gabriel

    10:59 that was low key gay af the way tanner k kept holding on to brads wrist while smiling into his eyes

  • Hunter Bell
    Hunter Bell

    I thought the beginning was a add

  • Atomic Knight
    Atomic Knight

    Is that George?? Look So different

  • Blake McMahan
    Blake McMahan

    That painting of Batman and Superman was the best part!!!!!

  • Jonas Middendorff
    Jonas Middendorff

    No one loves bradley hes a battyzeb

  • Yasin Hassanzadeh
    Yasin Hassanzadeh

    When are we getting those Steeve x brad videos

  • el pedro
    el pedro

    Bradley out here forming the next generation of drugdealers!

  • Chewy 11
    Chewy 11

    0:32 when they try to stop Brad from entering Wienie Hut junior.


    Buddy keep doing videos with nelk you guys got me laughing so fucking hard💯💯💯

  • Typical SPLASH
    Typical SPLASH

    I love anything but he wasn’t even doing the wall sit right but aye all love

  • AggeL

    34k subs from 1 mil,you said you will get Steve back for tasing you,don't think we have forgot

  • Seth scent
    Seth scent

    Shit i wanna wrestle

  • Ethan B
    Ethan B

    Wow Bradley. Selling the drugs to kids then beating them up after :(

  • Anderson Barrios
    Anderson Barrios

    Fire 🔥 vid

  • Thomas Anstey
    Thomas Anstey

    Hello dude. This is really so cool! The part at 17:08 is my fav. You have to most definitely collaborate with the wild crew Bad Friends. Their pranks low-key are like Nelk Boys mixed with a bit of PewDiePie. They're a awesome group of vloggers in SoCal. You should totally check their IRglo out and give the group a like! 👉 #SanitizedBadFriends

  • Jim Christoffersen
    Jim Christoffersen

    Who the fuck are these kids?

  • Mia Vigliotti
    Mia Vigliotti

    Hello. I liked your content. The scene at 16:17 is super cool. You need to work with the turnt team Bad Friends. Their stuff are similar to David Dobrik mixed with a lil bit of Casey Neistat! They are an upcoming group in SoCal! Go check out their IRglo out and give the vloggers a subscribe! 👉 #BadFriendHomies

  • Lucas Ashlaw
    Lucas Ashlaw

    when you use them for clout

  • Ashton

    Anyone else see David dobrik

  • Stephen Maldonado
    Stephen Maldonado

    Faze: Logan we would like you or someone from your team in a video. Logan: you said with Bradley and Tanner? I'll send George.

  • Orenziox Brind in me
    Orenziox Brind in me


  • Wilsonn

    Bradleys just a bully thinks he’s hard because he injects steroids id flattern him so fast i mean look at his punch score lmao aslong as you dont let him grab you you have the advantage

    • Jesse Lewis
      Jesse Lewis

      Prob not

  • Alex Ortega
    Alex Ortega

    You need a collab with big boy