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  • Leonardo Torres
    Leonardo Torres

    The rawgear hoodie brad was wearing, goes hard asf 🔥

  • Carterplays Mc
    Carterplays Mc

    Steve got Brad so many subscribers by just ruining his name 💀

  • Gabe Foley
    Gabe Foley

    Thanks Brad for being really nice to my mom. Every night you come over I can hear her laughing in her room. What a good role model

  • dueceduece 22
    dueceduece 22

    I'm not a paedophile dude Lmao

  • 71wheel6kush

    Get him some Hydes

  • Joseph Ragosta
    Joseph Ragosta

    “When are you gonna stop smoking ?” “I guess when I get lung cancer “

  • Drone Review man
    Drone Review man

    Steave will do it brung me to this channel and i love it! Keep up the hard work! Just know your living a beautiful life

  • ThaKidDj

    I subbed to just to see Steve quit cigs, I quit 3 years ago and been the best thing for my health for sure 🤛🏽

  • Equilibrium


  • Jesus Chavez
    Jesus Chavez

    Why u alwaymake 30 seconds videos

  • Shawn B
    Shawn B

    Brad I need some meth. I heard you might be able to help me out

  • SoDirtyDan

    “Fuck it ring me up” lmfao

  • Jase America
    Jase America

    Hello Bradley I am a huge fan of yours... here from New Zealand 🇳🇿 and I justed wanna say is counting your grind and hard work in the gym.... have a good day brad

  • Nicholas Queen
    Nicholas Queen

    Blink twice if brad is holding you hostage

  • Phill Good
    Phill Good

    Your awesome but this video was lame lol


    Smokers smoke when they drink and he’s an alcoholic so he sounds fucked to me man


    Bro he can’t stop smoking cus he drinks...

  • Drake Corey
    Drake Corey

    Brads the fucking man!😂😂always making me laugh love when Brad and Steve are kicking it

  • Cars, Guns, and Fitness
    Cars, Guns, and Fitness

    Sounds like my 24v diesel Cummins. Love the sound of turbos

  • Mr,T H TV
    Mr,T H TV

    I need some RAW GEAR because I like to raw dog 😎

  • Kevin Boucher
    Kevin Boucher

    Are these guys for real holy shit lol

  • Drippy_john

    If you wanna save Steve stop selling him drugs brad 😂

  • Curtis Munro
    Curtis Munro

    Dude the tops are like 36 dollars way Brad ..I get get test enth for that ...😂 I work out hard so I spend 5 on a top and still get laid bra

  • Wiggy

    Jake Paul wants a boxing match, Stevewilldoit

  • Joshu

    Idc if it’s fake or not this shit funny asf 😂 ily Steve bro

  • JJ Saint
    JJ Saint

    Please Bradley make more content with Stevewilldoit! Your probably the only true friend that cares about Steve and his health. im a big fan when you both guys make videos together! Nelk boys could care less about Steve

  • Greg Houser
    Greg Houser

    Fucking drug dealers!! Ohh I’m super healthy (shoots drugs, shoots drugs) I own a gym (shoots drugs, shoots drugs)

  • TheBardeng

    Why Is Steve drinking randomly ?

  • Y.L.K. Productions
    Y.L.K. Productions

    I can’t ever tell if Steve is messing around or being fr 😭

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith

    There's proof Brad was on Epstein's Island about five times Brad the drug dealer where's my drugs Brad

  • Tyler Barganier
    Tyler Barganier

    Get him into jujitsu brad

  • Harry Noriega
    Harry Noriega

    You know will do it from Florida when he said he smoked 17 3rds

  • Frankiezzz

    Joker Steve will do it

  • Chip Skylark
    Chip Skylark

    Anybody peep how Brad basically said he doesn’t care his filmer borrows a car😑

  • Lfc man Lfc
    Lfc man Lfc

    That chap ste is murdering himself

  • Mogardie

    I used to subscribe to Brad for the gym videos. Now I subscribe to him for the drinking and smoking videos

  • Koin Gold
    Koin Gold

    Boom! Gang signs 👍🏽👌🏽🤘🏽💪🏽👏🏾👊🏽✍🏾🙏🏽

  • Curts Review 2020
    Curts Review 2020

    George Burns smoked every day all day until he was in his late 90 n died natural causes!

  • free america
    free america

    Brad launders money through a series of car lots and gyms after selling black tar on the dark web to under age foreigners. But thats just speculation 🤣🤣

  • Nathan Shafer
    Nathan Shafer

    Your a boss brad ! Started watching you and the boys a few weeks ago iv 🤘you guys rock!!!! Ps need a member ship at the ZOO!!!!😄

  • Diorr x Dc
    Diorr x Dc

    Sneak peak at Bradleys new vibrators 4:19

  • Dee Bear
    Dee Bear

    Mr.fucking Ernie 😂

  • brody bud
    brody bud

    , bradley,.. you deserve that. humble guy

  • Nick G
    Nick G

    Save steve

  • Jake

    Bradley Martyn sells drugs.

  • Tired Official
    Tired Official

    Brad your actually fucking hilarious bro I love your energy

  • yahir ramirez
    yahir ramirez

    Buy Steve a vape

  • Ryan Tran
    Ryan Tran

    Brad u horrible boss quit hoarding ur money for drugs n buy ur camera man/editor a whip

  • Spencer Peterson
    Spencer Peterson

    How many times can Brad say mother fucker

  • Babster B
    Babster B

    What a waste of time ...

  • spoonman

    I'm a heroin addict Thanks to Bradley

    • Hojack Borseman
      Hojack Borseman


  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans

    Boooooo brad sux. @stevewilldoit is the KING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scotland Man
    Scotland Man

    This was the fakest beef I’ve ever seen

  • Maestro Nicks Teacher News-and-News News
    Maestro Nicks Teacher News-and-News News

    Brad, I'm a sped teacher. I would fly out to be a guest at your house! Hit me up. Help out a fun teacher this summer video series!

  • anthony garza
    anthony garza

    Rawdog is a copy write of jidion

  • Austin Thomas
    Austin Thomas

    If Steve quits I'll quit. I swear on everything I love I will. I smoke a pack a day sometimes more.

    • Water King
      Water King


  • Constable

    Get Steve off the drugs. God almighty he was smoking, drinking, and shooting up, all in one video.

  • Danny Russell
    Danny Russell

    I figured it out! Brad is an easy target because he is completely unaware of when he's being trolled.

  • B Metzger
    B Metzger

    He seriously needs to chill on the drinking he’s gonna have serious problems or become an alcoholic struggling with addiction it’s sad man

  • Human of Earth
    Human of Earth

    You can’t drink and not smoke. It just doesn’t work that way. He’s going to have to quit both at once.

  • Kenzie

    +1 (323) 370-4474 nice phone number

  • heff 1
    heff 1

    He really is a good friend man🙏🏽 u need friends like that

  • Mason Burke
    Mason Burke

    I see my boy Alex in the intro.

  • Thomas

    Happy 1 mil Brad

  • hell boy
    hell boy

    Damn I didnt know my drug dealer had a youtube channel

  • Salty Scriber
    Salty Scriber


  • Devin Sidhu
    Devin Sidhu

    Brads running through his 200 Marlboro Cartons right now

  • IrvinIce

    Cigarettes go hand in hand with a buzz =/... sucks...

  • Big Gretz
    Big Gretz

    Brad congrats on the darts buddy

  • Jacob

    How are all those darts treating you brad

  • Tavis G
    Tavis G

    Congrats on the cigs man, that was 20k worth of darts so Steve’s all paid up on that 15k he owed you and actually you now owe him 5k

  • 18Kayy Productions
    18Kayy Productions


  • Joe Reilly
    Joe Reilly

    Congrats on the cigarettes

  • pandas209

    Congratulations Uncle Brad On All Those Darts 🎯 🚬🚬🚬

  • Ingy

    congrats on the marbolos smoke up bud!!!

  • Dr Patriotic
    Dr Patriotic

    The fact is, Brad is going to jail. So the law confronted him... 😁

  • OG Cheese
    OG Cheese

    Congrats on the darts bro lmfaooo

  • LynchHungKilla

    Brad stop selling drugs to kids, and get rid of your island!!! #BRAD-EPSTIEN🏝

  • Jercole 42
    Jercole 42

    Lucky man

  • Isaac Meek
    Isaac Meek

    congrats buddy

  • David R
    David R

    Congrats man! 🚬🚬

  • Epp Charles
    Epp Charles

    Congrats on the cigs

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith

    Brad's on the narcos documentary on Netflix

  • Slash

    Congrats buddy!

  • James Fleisher
    James Fleisher

    Congrats on the cigs brad

  • Mark Krisiukenas
    Mark Krisiukenas

    congrats on the darts bradley!

  • Toby YT
    Toby YT

    Congratulations on all the cigarettes 🚬

  • Best Gaming53
    Best Gaming53

    Congrats on your surprise brad you deserve it

  • Michael's Bae
    Michael's Bae

    Congrats on the 20 grand in cigarettes bud!!! Should keep you smoking for at least a year!!

  • gumbie_007

    Congratulations on the ciggies

  • plook

    bruuu 996k subs

  • Allen Akbar
    Allen Akbar


  • Elver Galarga
    Elver Galarga

    2 weeks ago thought you were in South America!?!?!?

  • Quinn Newbern
    Quinn Newbern

    Fuck you brad

  • Peacefull Music and more
    Peacefull Music and more

    Brad can I have 10k?

  • Ethan No
    Ethan No

    “ Jason are you drunk ? Jesus Christ buddy “😂😂

  • Jeffery Lamb
    Jeffery Lamb

    Thanks Brad ur the best man im still fucked up its been 3 days

  • Fear Opps -YT
    Fear Opps -YT

    bradley is gay

  • Mike James
    Mike James

    Clout chasing butt pirate. He just missed his views

  • jellodude22

    Y does he like yung bois so much