Brad takes a tour of the new Faze house for the first time, and then takes on the Faze clan in an epic game of tug of war!!!
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  • thejuicegoose

    Jarvis cheats in Fortnite and irl

  • Jojo The gamer
    Jojo The gamer

    Me on 666k views thinking I'm possessed

  • Dezmon Randolph
    Dezmon Randolph

    Brad that tar that you sent me slaps omg you a real one

  • Leonard Virtue
    Leonard Virtue

    Ezyyyyyyyy Nice.😆

  • JarHead SS
    JarHead SS

    400 push ups

  • Harley French
    Harley French

    This is cringy 🤦‍♂️

  • Juande dios Vallejo
    Juande dios Vallejo


  • Tushar Luthra
    Tushar Luthra

    Brad is a Beast 💪💪💪

  • Isaiah fenelon
    Isaiah fenelon

    Get Steve

  • Lilbandzz


  • Jt

    Kinda look like John cena

  • Chris Baker
    Chris Baker

    Here we go again, MTV 419.0...Brad, I think you're legit and they f'd with you a bit much but this ain't cool, stay away from "L.A Shark Teeth", they'll take the best thing you got and raise you your life...peace bruv! -TheB4G3L

  • HellCat7702

    Funny how Bradley shoutouts a guy with 3x more subs than he does 😂

  • Samuel BTr
    Samuel BTr

    Brad stop getting innocent people addicted to your drugs

  • Rock Gaming
    Rock Gaming

    When they say Faze kay is the strongest but they're forgetting about Faze censor 😒

  • Jake Howard
    Jake Howard

    Sooooo I hate that ur beard isn’t there it makes me sad😢

  • Shiiverzz DaWay
    Shiiverzz DaWay

    Full send!!!

  • stez

    You love to see it : 4:04

  • Luke Meloche
    Luke Meloche

    putting on tank tops add plus 10 to str

  • AbkYT Gaming
    AbkYT Gaming

    Wear it on ever video until he get it back

  • Swag slippin pimpin
    Swag slippin pimpin

    Bro why is your 2nd channel so ducking lit compared to your main

  • Junior Looez
    Junior Looez

    Damn underground drug trafficking bradly sheesh

  • frank pirri
    frank pirri

    Bradley Martyn is a straight Savage BEAST!!!!!!

  • ThaKid YouKnow
    ThaKid YouKnow

    Its weird seeing osama without his beard.

  • J Swizz
    J Swizz

    Thx for doing the final round for all the beans🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Ivan Garcia
    Ivan Garcia

    No video is the same without Steve and Nelk no hate towards Faze

  • Blah blah Dumb shit
    Blah blah Dumb shit

    @gokuflex is stronger than bradley

  • Fredrik Nordmark
    Fredrik Nordmark

    hahahaa brad when you swinged him in the pool hahah so fu+kin hard!! XXDD

  • Adrian Mandal
    Adrian Mandal

    Bradley aka “Hooker assassin”

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong

    1:08 Bradley scoping out his escape plan if feds come

  • 99 048
    99 048

    I think I like beardless brad better

  • Danny is AFK
    Danny is AFK

    1v1 in cod or fortnite

  • Navelar

    Brad just went over to sell to Nordan

  • God of Lovers
    God of Lovers

    Wtf Sam pepper is the last guy I expected to see in a house like that. Have not seen him since the old Cx days.

  • carter schiller
    carter schiller

    it would be amazing to see you do that

  • carter schiller
    carter schiller

    Bradley go on titan games

  • Cal Rob
    Cal Rob

    Can’t believe brad sold all them drugs to faze rain

  • holy

    The black tar heroin really did the job good shit brad im proud of you

  • Santiago Hernandez
    Santiago Hernandez

    Hopefully Brad still chills with Steve

  • Patrick Corpuz
    Patrick Corpuz

    FaZe and Bradley are both beasts!

  • Matt Middleton
    Matt Middleton

    Brad no hate love your vids but it's wack how these vids are sooo delayed from actual life lmao that happened weeks ago remember seeing it on IG. Just feels like recycled not fresh content who TF wants to see somethi tht happened weeks ago tbh. all love

  • Unbearable Pun
    Unbearable Pun

    So this is how rain gets percs

  • Mike Mal
    Mike Mal

    So Bradley started faze rains drug addiction...it all makes sense now

  • Toke

    No beard brad looks like he coaches a foot ball team or something 😂

  • Alex

    Dude is built like a tank

  • ESG_Fluffy

    i watch brads videos eating chips :)

  • INSANE Snipers
    INSANE Snipers

    Upload with some video wit faze member...

  • FTC Squad
    FTC Squad

    All the coke helped him win

  • Stephen

    You already know brad is gonna movie in to the faze house just for that drug lord escape hatch

  • Edgar Lona
    Edgar Lona

    All this brad pushing drugs comments are getting old

  • rafael ladchenko
    rafael ladchenko

    brad just ouned jarvis

  • four twonson
    four twonson

    They deserved to lose because of those accents alone

  • Derick Castro
    Derick Castro

    Brad is a responsible for selling them Percs to Rain

  • Shane Keen
    Shane Keen

    What brad did to Jarvis is the reason i learned to fight and wrestle as a kid...#Manhandled

  • wasfi kazi
    wasfi kazi

    where did his beard go

  • No Cheerios
    No Cheerios

    Yo brad, when is my crack and meth order coming in?

  • jake watson
    jake watson

    Is that fucking Sam pepper? Lol

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder

    If he did use drugs he would e skinny

  • vic SP
    vic SP

    Really tired of your 5 min video how does Logan Paul drop 1 hour content but you can’t

  • raymond hanna
    raymond hanna

    Underrated video

  • messy gunning
    messy gunning

    Brad is insane brooooooooo

  • Carson Lester
    Carson Lester

    Brad got rain on drugs

  • Trendy Family
    Trendy Family

    Jarvis has some fake ass videos

  • G G
    G G

    Thus channel has grown even more cringey than christian guzman

  • Emperor Penguin
    Emperor Penguin

    imagine still finding the drug dealer joke funny. it's so overused

  • lowland vessel
    lowland vessel

    Bradley Martyn is rains plug

  • DanAndTheLima

    2:44 Bradley says scrubs.

  • Isaac Fairclough
    Isaac Fairclough

    No wonder Man City have fans some of them are in America

  • Carson Haffey
    Carson Haffey

    Who can give Steve the most drugs

  • Rage Punisher23
    Rage Punisher23

    Drop that shirt

  • Georgian Beast
    Georgian Beast

    Child abuse

  • Mad predator619
    Mad predator619

    Kay can arm wrestle 4 it back LMAO

  • Nesta

    Lol I'm pretty sure Censors the strongest in FaZe my guy 💪😏

  • Benj3 3n
    Benj3 3n

    Brad make Steve chug 50ml of spirytus it is 96% alcohol and 150 You have been challenged to this almost impossible task #fullsendspirytus

  • Mr Old Meme
    Mr Old Meme

    thats kina fucking incredible that brad was able to hold them for that long

  • Jose Barrera
    Jose Barrera

    His traps look huge in the part of him in the pool

  • DmanDragon

    I wonder if brad even reads his comments anymore because 99% of them are about drugs haha

  • Bash

    I like how Sam showing Brad around the house like he lives there

  • Venice Mako
    Venice Mako

    Took me until 2:41 to realize that the reason something felt off was brads beard was gone

  • THE Clarkyson
    THE Clarkyson

    That chain looks clean on brad


    Headass! Bruh we clearly see you’re strong, no need to prove yourself against weak ass kids🤣

  • Mike Blxde
    Mike Blxde

    You know, brad beating three dudes in tug of war is still pretty impressive

  • TDT přøđûçțīôņş
    TDT přøđûçțīôņş

    Why was my notification a day late

  • x3ri3

    brad tried selling me drugs

  • PiggyPlayz MC
    PiggyPlayz MC

    So this is how Nordan was getting his drugs


    Was the beard shaving fbi related ?

  • Ahmed Abdalla
    Ahmed Abdalla

    Sam peppers an ediaaat why would he show the secret escape route some prick

  • Kuda95 M
    Kuda95 M


  • DaBaby

    Faze should try helping Nord the same way they are helping Brad with his drug problems

  • Andy Botwin
    Andy Botwin

    One trap door!!! Bradley's house has a full train car setup under his house for escaping the feds!!!

  • Noah Aronsohn
    Noah Aronsohn

    He replaced his drug addiction for young boys in faze

  • carson humphrey
    carson humphrey

    Bradley stop selling to rain Fr

  • HIP HOP STAN 2020
    HIP HOP STAN 2020

    Faze is cringe

  • SwiftSloth

    I like that scruff look Brad Martyn. Suits you well.

    • SwiftSloth

      You look like a jacked 2nd baseman

  • Nickeyboy Vlogs
    Nickeyboy Vlogs

    Good to see your laying off the drugs Ik it’s very hard for you but keep pushing threw it

  • Dominic Davis
    Dominic Davis

    Gabbie Hannah was late on her drug payment, look at her, she disappeared. Rain is next

  • joe mama
    joe mama

    Bradly tryna get an affiliation with faze to put his cartel and drugs there and if u dont like this brad YOUR WEAK

  • Boof Chief
    Boof Chief

    Brad wtf man where’s my cocaine!!???

  • Concha de conchos
    Concha de conchos

    Tug of war vs summer ray winner has to kiss the others ass. Sorry brad Ik you’re into the butthole foreplay

  • Coconut and Water
    Coconut and Water

    brads coco always left me with gnarly anxiety and shakes.. im thinking its too pure. Anyone else with this same problem? he currently has it on sale for $70 so I can't resist