Brad Challenges Sommer to a drunk cook off but it didn't turn out in his favor.
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  • Ben Collins
    Ben Collins

    Dom looks like he could be twins with Brad😂

  • Calico Red
    Calico Red

    What is up with Brad and that Calum dude....

  • Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams

    buy her a porshe

  • Andrew Schwarz
    Andrew Schwarz

    I’ll never understand the hype behind summer ray she’s like that basic chick that every high school has.

  • Test Account
    Test Account

    shes way to old for brad, isnt she like 18?

  • - -- -
    - -- -

    And is that his bro?

  • - -- -
    - -- -

    Got her drunk? Bro Bradley you kinda

  • Luke Humphrey
    Luke Humphrey

    Raw dog gear!!!

  • Andd

    i miss Dom

  • ThePoochie101

    Ngl I’m just here for Mike. Could barely see Brad in the thumbnail

  • Happy Mohamed
    Happy Mohamed

    10:56 pause it.

  • Happy Mohamed
    Happy Mohamed

    its pretty sad that Osama bin bradley roofied this girl and took advantage of her.. feel so bad for sommer rake

  • Randall Radke
    Randall Radke

    New videos everytime brad makes dom a burger

  • Misunderstood

    Funny how even someone as good looking and succesful as brad is still noticeably awkward around her

  • xJAY42Ox

    I love how Brad is some health nut and we all just completely s*** on him LOL

  • Maikel Koks
    Maikel Koks

    I ship it

  • Garrett J
    Garrett J

    When he was waving the knife around I died

  • Julian Hill Beats
    Julian Hill Beats

    sommer ray is still the sexiest women on earth

  • SnowBirds

    Crazy lady

  • Nehemiah Johanson
    Nehemiah Johanson

    ain’t no way brad didn’t lay the wood after this vid

  • Francisco Rivas
    Francisco Rivas

    I’ve yet to see dom outside a dom video. He’s so different

  • Jacob Navarro
    Jacob Navarro

    Gordon Ramsey would be disappointed

  • Vincent Vassor
    Vincent Vassor

    Once I seen Brad put the dent in the burger, I knew he wasn't playing games.

  • Ricca Winchester
    Ricca Winchester

    Only pretty girl can eat ugly

  • Brendon Oleary
    Brendon Oleary

    Dude looks stoned in the beginning of the video

  • Cody Carpenter
    Cody Carpenter

    You gotta date him summer💙🤙

  • Travis Cropper
    Travis Cropper

    I just saw the future. 10 mil subs coming soon

  • Løst Kid Music
    Løst Kid Music

    brad is so innocent😂

  • Shu Shane
    Shu Shane

    He said “ drop @ 12 , it’s 530 now you do the math???! Bro that’s 5 1/2 hours

  • David Zavala777
    David Zavala777

    Get her a 911 Porsche lol

  • Chucky Bee zee
    Chucky Bee zee

    Bradley is in love

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    These people are weird af

  • Michael Dang
    Michael Dang

    Machoke Martin won me over

  • Ben Chermside
    Ben Chermside

    brad u down astronomical

  • James Haunso
    James Haunso


  • Randy Kokko
    Randy Kokko

    Great video guys ...do more cooking games an challenges 😋 💪

  • Bear Studio
    Bear Studio

    Deffo banged

  • Michael Stellar
    Michael Stellar

    I can tell Brad skips leg day often. A real bodybuilders legs bulge out. In fact, if I only did upper body I would be able to walk rite today! Messed up my back real bad deadlifting and squatting. Be careful ppl, I wish my disability on nobody. Lifting weights was my identity, now I can’t lift again! The surgury did me in. I was only kidding about the legs Brad 😉.

  • Niez Ember
    Niez Ember

    Damn..Dom is getting hella bigger than mini brad

  • AmberForest Records
    AmberForest Records

    If they ain’t smash by now

  • Marvin Randolph
    Marvin Randolph


  • AbsInABox

    only drug dealers put cheese on their burgers after taking it off the stove.. exposed

  • Jon R
    Jon R

    Ive never seen Bradster so fuckin focused

  • William Stewart
    William Stewart

    “Drunk cook off” takes one shot

  • Cameron Erazo
    Cameron Erazo

    She looks so different compared to IG

  • Lich King
    Lich King

    Dang she roasted you Brad but you still cool though

  • Cannot Kill The Ketamine Man
    Cannot Kill The Ketamine Man

    has one shot "drunk cooking"

  • John Harding
    John Harding

    daaayummm brad is high as fuck

  • Hari Om
    Hari Om

    Brad loves Summertime ray

  • Paul Bee
    Paul Bee

    Sommer sucks, Brad sucks, his clothing sucks, the burgers sucks, but DOM... Fucking DOM... the real MVP, he is the fucking man!!! Fucking Legend

  • Ricardo Arreola
    Ricardo Arreola

    Give her that D 😂

  • problem solvers
    problem solvers

    get her the porsche

  • Eduardo Gomez
    Eduardo Gomez

    Lmao did anyone else realized how he did his intro like stevewilldoit 😂, fucking pathetic lol can’t do it his own way instead of like spreading it out on the floor or something and plus why a drunk cook out ? When he doesn’t even LIKE drinking like , Bradley you’re literally looking like this 🤡🤡, bc you always complain abt not drinking but look at you looking stupid asf just to be empress a girl 🤫🤣

  • J EAZY
    J EAZY

    sorry im late to the party guys, but where's all the coke jokes coming from? lol like what hapened? lmao

  • Jean juju
    Jean juju

    He looks like he is on something right from the beginning of the video. His eyes show it all.

  • JackSwervo

    Brad aint hit that yet?

  • MrNoobsock

    I like how brad's plan totally backfired. Then his friend said it looks like he made it ☠️

  • nyc.andrew

    taking advantage of a drunk woman oh thats our bradly

  • Sammy Sosa
    Sammy Sosa

    You should drink water before eating the other burger to clean you pallette.

  • john pearson
    john pearson

    Damn sommer wants Bradley hard

  • cod clips
    cod clips

    honestly I feel like they would be a good couple

  • Yohance Mufume
    Yohance Mufume

    bro he was horny

  • Matt Hinman
    Matt Hinman

    She ain't even cute enough to be famous

  • lil Palac3
    lil Palac3


  • lil Palac3
    lil Palac3

    there was only 2 shots

  • Daniel Paoli
    Daniel Paoli

    She’s the most annoying person on social media hands down no contest

  • Akc

    the camera work in this episode is awful.

  • Thomas Uga
    Thomas Uga

    Brad is an alcoholic

  • Randy Odish
    Randy Odish

    Adam Levine looking ass

  • slatt sticks
    slatt sticks

    Quality content. Get some help tho Brad one day at a time

  • Kai Kozai
    Kai Kozai

    shitty drugs brad

  • carlos victor
    carlos victor

    “They both look like children made them”

  • memo Ordonez
    memo Ordonez

    I just skipped to when mike comes in , sommer has like this fake energy I just needed the boy dom to come thru

  • KingJ

    brads gonna need a bottle straight to him self just to feel tipsy

  • Rapturous Spearhead
    Rapturous Spearhead

    Why doesn't brad drink like this with Steve..... Not FTB.

  • julian villarreal
    julian villarreal

    I tried putting my face close to the grill and burned my hair. thanks Bradley 🙁


    "Drunk cook off" take 2 shots😂

  • Benny The RolliNstOner
    Benny The RolliNstOner

    To get a pickle jar open you do hit it with a knife dumb@$$ brad

  • Ali Elmoussa
    Ali Elmoussa

    6:24 i fucking died

  • lePew

    She would be perfect if she never speaks. She is annoying AF.

  • Laura Perez
    Laura Perez

    Brad is the biggest weirdo on IRglo his sick 🤢

  • simona sykova
    simona sykova


  • Jack Travolta
    Jack Travolta

    Brad next time she calls you a pussy just say "well you are what you eat so..."

  • James Schug
    James Schug


  • The Ratcoon
    The Ratcoon

    i wouldnt mind them dating they would become a famous couple on youtube

  • Amy Hedrick
    Amy Hedrick

    I just wish that Brad would get off the drugs.

  • Matt Schlichtig
    Matt Schlichtig


  • rich 570
    rich 570

    Sommers burger did look pretty fire

  • Jose Cervantes
    Jose Cervantes

    They need to go out bro!

  • Jordan Beeker
    Jordan Beeker

    lol she said shell wrestle you bro wyd ???

  • Tido Bear
    Tido Bear

    Broad has the fakest laugh and she acts 12 lol

  • micdoses1

    That summer fine 🙂

  • Danny Ruiz
    Danny Ruiz

    Why did you try and get with Steve’s sister 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • DoPe_tuNaholiC18

    Ridiculous man like c'mon bro Jesus just make a porno instead 😂

  • Bradon Bell
    Bradon Bell

    Yo your gear always look so damn good


    This guy ask her to dinner and gets her drunk this guy knows what he's doing BTW Brad made me burn my ear

  • Mason Hesse
    Mason Hesse


  • Cindy Bryant
    Cindy Bryant

    Sommer ray is so bad damn deff a 10 piece ....

  • Ryan A
    Ryan A

    damn that laugh tho

  • Ripjaw 15
    Ripjaw 15