Brad try to prank Sommer Ray and it docent go as planned...
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  • Kevin F.
    Kevin F.

    Damn summer laughs like a old lady who been smoking her entire life

  • brent chaffin
    brent chaffin

    Should have tipped the ice cream kid you douche. At least give him some tar

  • Cody P!
    Cody P!

    “not to toot my own horn” *eats half chip* *eats ice cream second after*

  • Alex J Tanguay
    Alex J Tanguay

    She really is badass though...equal reactions when he ate a literal plain chip 😂

  • thomas25082

    Even I get tired of all the drug shots at cha ,but they love you big dawg

  • Meldoesmakeup

    Dude I love sommer. She seems like a fun time

  • alldro420

    After torturing yourself, I hope you clapped them cheeks at least.

  • Angus

    Heard brad got sommer ray addicted to heroin, such a shame

  • Sublime Wins
    Sublime Wins

    6:06 this proves the LA youtubers fake everything

  • flipnotrab

    Brad got compared to RICE! That’s about right!!

  • Joe Lipez
    Joe Lipez

    Srry Brad it’s illegal to get her. She like 8 years younger than u... 😂

  • Robert Yount
    Robert Yount

    who remembers when brad said he had something special for steve at 1 mil suns

  • Supra Saiyan
    Supra Saiyan

    Dangly earring with a dumbell im done

  • Christophe Hughes
    Christophe Hughes

    Sommer ray laugh is hilarious

  • Hari Om
    Hari Om

    Rawdog gear

  • Mlizaayy _
    Mlizaayy _

    2:57 Bradley blows stop signs like lines of coke

  • Vili Surkka
    Vili Surkka

    2:56 Bradley just broke the law with that stop sing men

  • Paolo Pirrotta
    Paolo Pirrotta

    What does summer do ? Shes useless

  • Paolo Pirrotta
    Paolo Pirrotta

    Sumner rey is useless

  • Chino Chino
    Chino Chino

    He really he in nelk lol

  • Austin Thomas
    Austin Thomas

    Sommers laugh made my stomach hurt a little. Wtf

  • Jesus Montoya
    Jesus Montoya

    Summer ray is so over rated

  • Sari Pena
    Sari Pena

    Brad you have a potty 🚽 mouth but, I like it!!!🤣🤣😍

  • Dope Chepe 813
    Dope Chepe 813

    Maybe she has coronavirus and her taste buds are just gone 🤔

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams

    she acts like it does not bother her but yet once she took the chip she didnt stop drinking stuff and eating ice cream. She never like it settle in

  • Harry Noriega
    Harry Noriega

    Summers voice though...she should stop drinking lol

  • M J
    M J

    Faked it twice Brad never ate the chip

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M

    Fake weights and now a fake chip? Typical Bradley.

  • Andrew Bautista
    Andrew Bautista

    get a room for gods sake

  • Enrique Pillado
    Enrique Pillado

    If you’re gonna do this challenge. Do it right.. eat the full chip, wait until you fully devour the chip, then start the timer. Go the full five minutes without drinking or eating anything else if you can. Once you drink water. You lose if your not past your mark. Stop half stepping shit in life.

  • Marina Santiago
    Marina Santiago

    Bruh tiktok turned brad into a punk lol jkjk

  • SyscoVids

    i'm curious to see how she'd do with the hot ones sauces

  • Kirkzeus ุ,
    Kirkzeus ุ,

    the dumbell ear piercing joke was actually funny props to sommer for acting being funny

  • ryan crownover
    ryan crownover

    Y'all split the meal it's a date

  • Eric Palumbo
    Eric Palumbo

    Dom needs to rescue him

  • Napo

    Brad freaking got me on black tar heroin and Crack, he literally forced it on me

  • Blade Insane
    Blade Insane

    Dam man that shit looked like hell 😬

  • Jacob

    Eating ice cream straight after defeats the whole purpose

  • Xzavier B.
    Xzavier B.

    She started on the cream right after? That doesn't count

  • Real Deal
    Real Deal

    All that yayo tarnished her taste buds

  • Brandon Stoltz
    Brandon Stoltz

    hahah the way she laughs,, such a great soul

  • Anthony Suazo
    Anthony Suazo

    Fuckin love sommers laugh

  • Draccon Z
    Draccon Z

    Sommer deff slept with every gym bro except brad. Simp

  • amir sheikholeslami
    amir sheikholeslami

    Omgg i didnt know summer is dis funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Koon aal
    Koon aal

    Summer is soo annoying

  • Mason Jacob
    Mason Jacob

    Brads a simp

  • andrewronaldsavage84

    Brad just ate another blue chip 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jesse Ruiz
    Jesse Ruiz

    He prolly hit after that

  • Chulo RL
    Chulo RL

    Brad is definitely smashing sommer ray 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️

  • Billy Parcher
    Billy Parcher

    Mad respect for makin sommer eat the chip cuz she fake talkin bout fakin shit i wonder how much shit influencers do is real lowkey

  • The Boys
    The Boys

    Sommer has had a lot of something in her throat that shit is sore

  • jacmac

    6:31 there’s a witch

    • jacmac

      6:46 time slows down 😂😂

    • jacmac

      6:38 the witch gets punched by a ghost then starts laughing again

    • jacmac

      5:47 there’s a fire extinguisher

  • Jerrod Stockman
    Jerrod Stockman

    Dude thinks his merch sells like Full sends lol

  • That one kid smiley
    That one kid smiley

    Sommer ray just hung out with brad to get a shit ton of drugs

    • Blade Insane
      Blade Insane

      What a classic 💯

  • Patrick Walsh
    Patrick Walsh

    Where is dom at?

  • Jeff Vargo
    Jeff Vargo

    That cackle is terrible ...

  • TheMountain

    ahahaha i rly like how summer laughs xD

  • K10

    Having those earrings seems unnatural like you’re trying to be something you’re not

  • Jackson Brown-Blake
    Jackson Brown-Blake

    Brad sold me cocaine

  • Brandon Franklin
    Brandon Franklin

    Take off the gay earrings🤮

  • Yonah Greene
    Yonah Greene

    Her hyena like laughing was perfect Lmaoooo

    • budz Pia gandy b Kimberly maxime
      budz Pia gandy b Kimberly maxime

      I am @silverrocksurfer

  • David Mag
    David Mag

    Chick laughs like a dying bird

  • Justin Thegreat
    Justin Thegreat

    Note to self...don't edit your video saying that you are going to FAKE!!!!! a video doing something extremely challenging and posting it on the TUBE.

  • Nick Grover
    Nick Grover

    Brad sold my 13 year old sister coke

  • Matt Kraus
    Matt Kraus

    Her laugh is dissapointing😂

  • laurentino tino
    laurentino tino

    The greatest drug lord of IRglo

  • Dinkleberg

    Bradley martyn sold me drugs

  • bradmoy22

    It’s a v6 😂

  • James G
    James G

    When did he get earrings?

  • Alexander Wise
    Alexander Wise

    Brads got a fat crush on sommer

  • Large Woolly Bugger
    Large Woolly Bugger

    Isn't the point of the challenge to see how long you can go WITHOUT eating or drinking anything?

  • Behemoth 6
    Behemoth 6

    That girl is clearly cracked out or on meth

  • Isaac Beauchamp
    Isaac Beauchamp

    Take that shit outa your ears

  • Steve Angel
    Steve Angel

    Crazy how the world works no?

  • giorgi chikovani
    giorgi chikovani

    Does anyone thinks that bradley likes sommer or is it just me

  • Chad Garrison
    Chad Garrison

    When Sommer gonna let you hit it? 🍑 get out the friend zone brooo Edit: no on earrings Bradley. They don’t fit you at all...

  • Nicco Boss
    Nicco Boss

    That girl is awesome! Love her attitude

  • Zach Rodriguez
    Zach Rodriguez

    This is how I know that shit is true. 1. Look at those fuckin nails 2. Who wears a hat like this 24/7 clearly insane

  • Buddy Boy
    Buddy Boy

    Sommer Ray laughs like Lois from Family Guy🤣

  • Dat Le
    Dat Le

    Go Watch Stevewilldoits newest video


    Using sommer ray for clout lol

  • Mathias Sørensen
    Mathias Sørensen

    Why did you hit on Steve's girlfriend and was a creep to his sister

  • Ty Kirkley
    Ty Kirkley

    Where is Steve on a serious note

  • ḧüġö l·l·öŕïṩ
    ḧüġö l·l·öŕïṩ

    Anyone from Steve's recent video?

    • Cristian Garcia
      Cristian Garcia

      Yeah. Bradly has to explain himself

  • Hu_Danny

    I am a survivor of Bradley Martins dirty mind just like Steve

  • Anthony Angelone
    Anthony Angelone

    only did this with sommer because she has clout!

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    I suppose we are all gathered here from steves vid huh 😐

    • Ron hobbz
      Ron hobbz

      U called it lol

    • Baby Yoda
      Baby Yoda

      @Grogu ive had my name since the first day of this acc you are an impostor

    • Grogu

      Oh hi baby yoda you look kind of like me 🧐

    • Jr Jr
      Jr Jr

      Brave man Steve is

  • Harley Bruton
    Harley Bruton

    Just watched Steve’s vid = unsubscribed. Some lines you don’t cross

    • Jack Meyer
      Jack Meyer

      It’s fake beef. They’re gonna box. Brad is about to hit one million subs on this channel and they’ve been hinting they’re gonna box once he hits it. It’s all made up. They’ve joked about stuff like that before.


    Answer is here! let’s report everything of bradly!!!

  • Calvin lee
    Calvin lee

    Steve sister was good

  • Alex Reese
    Alex Reese

    Damn bro just seeing SteveWillDoIt video man hits me man why bro. you gotta see it man. One Love BroSkie!.

  • Chill Des
    Chill Des

    Just saw Stevewilldoit video and I’m gonna have to unsubscribe brad

  • Sam Kurtz
    Sam Kurtz

    Is the Steve stuff real?

    • lil Walgreens cold and flu
      lil Walgreens cold and flu


  • Ivan Ventura
    Ivan Ventura

    Is he selling her drugs too

  • Emily Kaurin
    Emily Kaurin

    I'm waiting for Bradley to train in Mt Vernon Illinois at daisy fresh jiu-jitsu. Literally pedigo submission fighting is the craziest place to train jiu-jitsu. It's competition training 24/7

  • Mariana Guttierrez
    Mariana Guttierrez


  • Jake Harries
    Jake Harries

    We NEED the “Jake gets in shape” vidssss!!

  • Fred Eskridge
    Fred Eskridge

    Brad has earrings?

  • True Gamer
    True Gamer

    her laugh at the end tho 😂

  • mikyla alvidrez
    mikyla alvidrez

    Why would you let him just have the ice cream. Bitch he's rich. No fuckin sense 😂